03 Feb

4 Easy Steps for Adding Due Dates to Your Flagged Hotmail Emails

This post gives you chance to flag essential email messages and automatically uses the date you got the email as the due date. Subsequent to flagging a message, you can change its due date if necessary, and you may likewise set a visual or sound update. The program types all flagged messages by their due dates and records every one of them in its task sheet. Hotmail likewise gives options to set a begin date and a purpose behind the flag when you edit the due date. Dial toll free Hotmail customer service number 08000988424


Follow the Steps to Add Due Dates to Flagged Emails Through Hotmail Support:

  • Find the flagged mail in Hotmail account inbox. In the event that you would prefer not to browse your inbox, tap on your email account’s name in the left sheet and after that snap Hotmail’s search box. Now, click flagged tab in the Refined area on the strip to show all flagged emails for the chose inbox.

  • Right-tap on the red to the most distant right of the email’s entrance in the inbox and after that pick Custom option. This shows a dialog box that gives you a chance to set a purpose behind the flag, a begin date, a due date and a reminder for the flagged mail.

  • Tap on Due Date list and select a date on the fly up calendar. Tap on the Reminder check section in case if you need Hotmail to show a prompt at the very latest the due date. Tap the primary drop-down rundown and choose the date you need the suggestion to show up and after that pick a period from the second list. Tap on the Speaker symbol and afterward click OK button to make a sound play when the reminder happens.

  • Tap ‘Flag To’ drop-down rundown to choose an explanation behind flagging the email if essential. Now click on the Begin Date list if you’d get a kick out of the chance to incorporate a start date. Press OK button to include the due date and some other chose alternatives to the flagged mail.

If Still you are unable to add due dates on your flagged email of Hotmail then contact an online help desk center support providing organization via dialing a Customer Care By helpline number Hotmail Email  0800 098 8424 and get easy solutions right away. The Hotmail Support technicians help you by offering you the reliable solutions for settle the blunder.

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