23 Jul

How to Access Your Hacked or Suspended Hotmail-account

Hotmail is one of the revolutionary free web mail services offered by Microsoft. Millions of the users are using Hotmail email services for better communication and online experience. As it occupies the strongest security features in comparison to others email providers, it is consider as one of the potential web enabled services among all. Its services are way more advanced and user friendly as compared to other mailing services.

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It has a diverse range of the email services.  Hotmail is one of the top most as it provides all basic and standard email features plus the best privacy and security to its users. However, with all the security measures there is always a chance of losing access to your account as we could not stop the bad intention of the intruders and hackers. They can get your password by guessing or with their various tools and techniques. That is why it is highly recommended that you should create a strong password and always add recovery account or phone number. So in cases when you lost access to your account you can recover it back.

In spite of high security measure that Hotmail takes for its users sometimes it may happen that your account is suspended or hacked. This is a case when someone else has managed to acquire your account to use its information etc. in these cases you are no longer owner of your account. In such cases you can recover your hacked Hotmail account.

Hackers can steal the private data, Spam your Contacts, spam your mails etc. If your account is actually hacked, you can do the following:

  • Try to recover the account from recovery email or phone number.
  • Change the password as and when you come to know about hacking.
  • If you can’t access above two go for the option can’t access my account from login panel.
  • If above won’t work, you can use Windows Live ID Account Recovery Help Page: where you can “prove” that you are the rightful account owner, and having done so may regain access to the account.



Hotmail customer service

If you ever face such type of Hotmail account issues and the above solution won’t work then our team is always available to give the support for this. If you want to get the instant help then you can dial Hotmail support number UK 0800 098 8424 and we will provide you all the Hotmail help email.



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