20 Oct

Accessing your Hotmail in Microsoft Account

Hotmail is web mail service provider like Microsoft outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. From start of the Hotmail service to till now, Hotmail makes so many changes so that user can work easily without any complexity. Microsoft and Hotmail, both are email service provider so that users can send email through the internet. These are not only emailed provider, but also they have various extra features like instant messaging, unlimited storage, etc. which made better service provider than others. Hotmail support number is also available for the users for their assistance.

Hotmail contact numberOne of the important features of Hotmail is Hotmail support for POP3 as well SMTP server access which is a very relevant feature for users without this user can not able to download mails for offline viewing. However, this is due to the support of Microsoft to Hotmail.

With the act of joining together of Hotmail and Microsoft, users get features like offline viewing as well user not have to open browser for checking mails. Some setup has to make for accessing mails without contacting the technical support team. For accessing the Hotmail service in Microsoft user have to follow some guidelines. Internet connection is compulsory needed for this work. Following instructions are helping you for accessing:

  • Open Microsoft outlook.

  • Click on file tab.

  • After opening account information section, you find add account button, the user has to click on it.

  • A user will find a new window, user name, Hotmail address, and password all this information put in the proper boxes, and then click on next button.

  • Now the user sees the installation of outlook Hotmail connector. Install this tool and click on the run button.

  • Make a tip for agreement of software license terms and continue the installation process.

  • After installation completion closes the window and restarts the outlook.
  • Once account gets added, click on finish button. The process is ended with finish button. If user wants to add several accounts, then click on add account. User can add so many accounts in this setup.

This is all about for accessing Hotmail in Microsoft. Please be careful while doing this setup. But still you have problem regarding this or if you make mistake while setup of this process, the user can contact with Hotmail technical support by dialing to the Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424. They are available for you anytime and will resolve all your issues.


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