24 Oct

How to Change Password in Hotmail

Hotmail is a very popular email service provider in the market. Hotmail features and collaboration with Microsoft makes it top rated around the world. The features of Hotmail make very easy way to communicate with your friends as well office colleagues. In professional world, Hotmail is playing very crucial role. Already there are a number of people who are using email services, but as time is moving so far users are increasing by day by day. Unlimited storage space, attachment size, feature and many other features make it useful among the users. Hotmail also provide customer support and for that Hotmail has provided Hotmail helpline customer service number for their users.

Hotmail support number

As Hotmail is providing their service online, it is possible that users will get some technical errors and bugs. Hotmail technical team is continuous researching on to solve out this technical error. One of the common issues that faced by user id password. This password issue creates disturbance while using the services. If any user wants to know that how to change Hotmail password, some easy and simple steps are as follows. User can follow these steps:

  • Login into your Hotmail account

  • Go to Account Settings

  • Go to Security & Password

  • You have to verify your account

  • Click on Change Your Password

  • Enter your current password and the new password as you want (please follow some helps which are given to make a password. These tips make your password strong so that no one can hack your account).

  • Confirm your new password by reentering it.

  • Now you are complete with your new password

These are all steps which helps you to change the password. But still some user can’t change their password with this step. Alternatively, some other option is also present to solve this problem. The user can contact Hotmail customer service. Once user calls to support the team through Hotmail support contact number 0800 098 8424, they will explain you some steps to change the password. This online support assists you perfectly. Other than this email assistance as well chat assistance is also provided for users. If still users don’t understand then user can request for remote access. In this remote access, support team accesses your computer and change your password themselves. This all process will do in front of you, so at this time user can follow and see all the process which will be helpful in the future


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