07 Jan

Change Security Question and Answer in Hotmail Account

Hotmail technical customer supportWhen you register to make a Hotmail account, you supply an assortment of info about yourself; later on, you can likewise customize your Windows Live profile and include more information, including substitute email addresses, and so forth. This is vital on the off chance that you forget your Hotmail account password and can no longer get to your messages (or in the event that, somebody hacks into your Hotmail email account). Aside having your lost account password messaged to another address, one of the courses in which you can recapture or regain access to your Hotmail email account is to answer a security address setup before on; in this article, Hotmail technical customer support will explain how to upgrade your security question and how to change its secret reply and answer.

Change your security question & answer in due order regarding Hotmail Mail

Take after these steps to utilize another security question of your decision and set the secret answer in account:

1.  Sign-in to your Hotmail email account; once you are looking at your inbox, tap on “Choices” close to the upper right corner of the screen, and then pick “More choices” at the exceptionally base of the drop down menu that opens:

2.  On the Hotmail Choices screen that heaps next, tap on the “Account information (account password, aliases, time zone)” interface close to the highest point of the settings posting.

3.  After entering your recent Hotmail account password to affirm your character (and keep others from changing your Windows Live profile), you will wind up on a summary screen, called “Account Outline”, which gives you a chance to deal with your account password recovery choices.

4.  If necessary, look about halfway through the page until you see the segment marked “Password reset data”; Hotmail will demonstrate to all of you the information it as of now has and can use in the event that you forget your email account password. The last line in that gathering reads “Question”, and demonstrates the secret addresses or question right now setup for your Hotmail account:

5.  Click or tap on the “Change” option to upgrade your secret question and security reply.

6.  Hotmail will open the “Change question and secret reply” link, firstly just enter your present account password (again, for security reasons) inside the main and first text space, and turn your thoughtfulness regarding the second part of the frame:

7.  Under “Your secret question and answer”, Hotmail will give you a chance to pick (as of now) one of six security inquiries: “Mother’s origination”, “Name of first pet”, “Most loved instructor”, or “Grandparents occupation”.

8.  Choose a decision from the “Question” drop down menu, and sort a comparing reaction inside the “Secret reply” content field. Take note of that capitalized and lowercase letters don’t make a difference (your mystery answer is “case uncaring”, and must be no less than five characters in length), as Hotmail demonstrates beneath that field.

9.  Once you have updated your security address and changed the secret answer in like manner, look to the base of the page and tap on the “Save” catch to apply the new setting quickly and come back to the Hotmail alternatives screen: (or tap on the “Cancel” in the event that you altered your opinion and need to keep the present mystery question and respond in due order regarding your Hotmail email account).

What’s more, this is all you have to do! Simply recall to utilize the new secret answer (your security question will be obvious on the password recuperation screen) in the event that you lose or forget your Hotmail account password. You can now come back to your Hotmail inbox and continue what you were doing previously, trusting you’ll never be in a circumstance that constrains you to utilize your password reset alternatives for your email account!

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