29 Mar

How to deal with abuse, phishing, spoofing in Outlook

Even though Outlook is one of the oldest known mail platform it has manage to be a leading and popular platform mail exchange. One of the main aspects why outlook is so popular is its secured platform that takes proper care of all its users online. Even though it provides and extra layer of encryption and security with its platform till sometimes user face problems of online spam and threats. To acquire easy help to the same take easy help from Hotmail support number.

Every users use outlook for sending and receiving its mails. Even though they use it on daily basis they are not aware of the fact that there can be scams which are coming on their way to destroy their easy outlook mail account use. This can be threatening and alarming. Even though sometimes it is almost impossible to avoid them but with easy steps and prevention further loss online can be avoided.

How to protect your account phishing scams?

Hotmail support numberPhishing mails that appear to be normal as the several other mails can be disturbing sometimes. This mails which appears to be sent from a renowned company are actually mails from unknown senders that are sent to acquire all your personal information with different attractive offers. This can include messages sent with an intention to acquire your banking account details to steal your money or your account password to steal you online information stored on your outlook account. In such cases you must be aware of all this facts:

  1. Learn to distinguish between a mail sent by actual companies and spam senders.
  2. Never reply to such mails with any personal information.
  3. If you feel that received mail looks suspicious never ever click on links that it has.
  4. Never open any attachment files that this suspicious mail has.
  5. Remember that a renowned company will never ask for personal information via a mail.
  6. If you feel that you have received a mail from a company you know make sure to confirm it before replying via a phone call.
  7. Remember all the phishing mails has email subject line followed by the word hoax.
  8. In case you feel you can report for scam to the outlook center.
  9. If by mistake you reply to this email take immediate action. If you reply with you bank details inform bank about it and if you reply with account password details immediately change your password.

It is possible to manage these mails in Outlook. To take necessary actions simply choose one of the options in junk drop down. Following are the options:

  1. Junk: To move unwanted email to junk.
  2. Phishing scam: When you receive mail that try to obtain your personal information.
  3. My friends being hacked: If you receive spam from known sender.

All this can save you from any harm that a suspicious spam mail can cause. In case you are looking for further help try calling Hotmail Support Number 0800 098 8424.

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