24 Dec

Disable sent emails confirmation in Your Hotmail

Hotmail helpline numberAs a matter of course, Hotmail will show a your message has been sent confirmation screen after you have to sent an email message, this is very helpful, since it just shows up if the email message was effectively sent to its goal. In the event that Hotmail was not ready to, you will get rather an error message or some kind likeness thereof (the real error message differ in light of the reason for the issue. Be that it may, since Hotmail will show to you a error message when there is an issue sending an email, it permits you to disable the confirmation screen, and automatically divert you to your inbox – else, you should tap on the “Return to inbox”  option.

Why keep the email message sent confirmation screen in Hotmail?

More often than not, Hotmail’s message sent affirmation screen can be seen as an irritation, yet here’s a special case: when you send an email message to a specific email address interestingly, the affirmation screen will really offer a speedy approach to include this email recipient as a contact. Disabling this screen implies that you will lose this convenient feature – yet you will obviously still have the capacity to include an email sender as Hotmail contact.

Disable Hotmail’s “Your email message has been sent” message

  1. Take after these steps to sidestep this screen and straightforwardly do a reversal to your Hotmail inbox:
  2. If required, begin by logging into your Hotmail account; then, tap on the “Choices” menu and pick “More alternatives”.
  3. In the Hotmail Choices, discover the section named “Composing email”, and tap on the “Sent messages confirmations” link.
  4. Here is a screen of the Hotmail “Sent message affirmations” screen, with the default settings chose.
  5. By default, the Demonstrate to me the sent message affirmation page after I send an email” is chosen. To disable it and briefly turn it off, select rather the “Skip the sent message affirmation page and go specifically to the inbox” setting page and here tap on Save button.
  6. Hotmail will apply the new setting immediately, and take you back to the primary Hotmail Choices page. Whenever you send an email, you’ll wind up right back in inbox – unless there was an issue, in which case Hotmail Customer Support Number will tell you about it.

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