06 Nov

Editing a Outlook message in a separate window

Outlook is so enhanced platform that if ones it has been used by users they never wish to switch to any other mail platform for their mailing needs. Other than its extensive features it is so popular among its millions of users worldwide because it offers customer oriented applications. It is because of this reason that everything is quite easy at outlook. All the features, services and application of outlook is easy to use but in case user face any problem using any of these at Hotmail they may obtain easy help from Hotmail contact number.

Hotmail is so widely used for easy message exchange. A user can choose the mail applications of outlook for easy mail exchange. It is quite easy to send messages via Hotmail. By default a user get into the outlook account. Click on compose message option. Write the message and send it. This is a normal process of sending mails via Hotmail but sometimes you feel a need of opening a mail in separate window this is possible with outlook.

Yes by default user can read and create messages in the reading pane, but it is not always what this can be done sometimes user feel a need to able to view a message in a separate window. This may be needed when you’re composing a new message or replying to a received message or forwarding a message you received in all such cases you can choose to open it as a pop-out window.

The following steps can be taken to open a message in separate window in outlook:

  • Get into your outlook account.
  • When you in your mail Click the option of Open in new window in the upper-right corner of the message to open it in a new window.
  • Now in the message list, choose the message you want to view in a separate window.
  • You may Choose More actions for an extended menu
  • From here choose to Open a message in a separate window.

With these easy steps it is possible to open a message in anew window to carry out several other function in it which is sometimes not possible or is little hectic right in the reading pane. This is quite easy process but still if in case users face any issue doing this they may obtain easy help right from Hotmail phone number 08000988424.

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