15 Feb

Enjoy extended capabilities with Outlook

There is more better way to work with outlook now. Outlook has always been a popular platform for providing enhanced services via its platform to its users. So as to help its users it keeps on updating its application and services so that users can enjoy more upgraded outlook use. Recently outlook has brought up various new add-INS for outlook. This add-ins helps you accomplish tasks quickly right from email without actually switching from one app window to another. With these Outlook integration’s it will possible to establish a perfect connection between the inbox and the application and also the actionable messages. For acquiring easy help to the same make a call to Hotmail contact number UK.

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New Add-ins – With this new add-ins update you will now be able to perform much more than before. It will allow you to schedule a meeting and set reminder for the same for future. Update a CRM for employees at your company and also can pay back to your online friends. For this outlook now rolled out updates for integrating all these effectively. This includes faster access and use to the following including Boomerang, Dynamics 365, Evernote, Giphy, Nimble, PayPal, Starbucks, Yelp, Uber, Wunderlist and Zomato.

Office 365 Connectors – With Office 365 Connectors now user will be able to deliver relevant interactive content and can also get update to all popular apps and services within the outlook itself. Other than this it also establish an easy connectivity with Trello, Twitter, Office and more. This let customer stay updated as it can help you get updates from message board and also from your social networking platform as it let you connect with all social platform right from the outlook inbox.

Actionable Messages Preview – It let you take quick actions right from your email. Actionable Messages have the power to transform your inbox into a “do” box. It let you do every task quickly in a manner that it let you update a task right from the inbox and also helps you in updating a post at your social media platform right from eth inbox itself.

With all this updates Outlook is looking forward to provide ease of Hotmail use to all its customers. When everything will be available on the mail platform itself it will help users to perform each task more effectively and easily. This will let them perform each task without actually switching to different windows or actually signing in to each social media account for performing each activity. This update will definitely bring a new success to outlook when though it is very easy to update and use this ad-ins still in problems or help you may call Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424 directly.


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