06 Apr

Hotmail help – Group conversation features in outlook

Outlook is enhanced mail platform that establishes effective communication network between it users. It provides enhanced features that are trusted by its users all around the world. It is the advanced features and useful applications that make it a unique mail platform. For its users it enables one of the useful features that are conversation facility within the mail platform itself. To know more about this make a call to #hotmail #help #contact #number.

The conversation feature of the outlook let user establish a communication with their friends and official partner within the mail itself. Even though there are various mail platform that also provide chat facilities but outlook is the top platform that provides enhanced chat application within the mail platform itself. With this outlook also provides enhanced features that collect all the messages of conversation of the previous days and then display it in an organized manner in a mail. It also collects al the conversation from the folders and then display them altogether. With this a user gets detailed description of all the chat messages that they have done in previous days with a specific outlook user.

The grouped by conversation feature of outlook:

According to these feature of Outlook it enables facilities that ensure collection of right conversation from everywhere in outlook mail account of user. This means that not all that is scattered is lost. Even when you do not have a track of all the messages need not to worry because outlook is doing this for you. Instead of hunting each message you need to simply enable the group by conversation feature of outlook. It will track all the messages and display them all together. It automatically caters messages from all its folders including Inbox, archive, Sent Mail and all other multiple folders. Not only this once displayed it also let you organize and read them altogether.

How to enable group by conversation feature of outlook:

  1. Go to your outlook account.
  2. Here open your view tab icon in the outlook window ribbon.
  3. Here make sure that messages are checked to show as conversation.
  4. You can choose to view messages of the current folder or all the mail boxes.
  5. If you wish to view messages of current folder click on this folder option in show messages arranged by conversation.
  6. If you wish o view all messages of the outlook folder click all mailboxes.

With this you will be able to view your relevant messages in conversation feature of outlook. If you wish to expand or collapse the threads you need to simply click on it. This is very easy and in case you need help makes a call to #hotmail #help #contact #number 0800 098 8424.




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