11 May

History of Hotmail/Outlook and Its Services

Hotmail is widely used one of the free and trusted online communication tool. Hotmail.com is a free online email service from Microsoft. One of the best First web mail services is known as Hotmail mail service in the world. Hotmail is famous for its ultimate services. It has millions of customer worldwide. Hotmail was purchased by Microsoft in 1997 and serves millions of users across the world. It allowed users to read and send e-mail wherever there is internet access.

Hotmail is a user friendly email service. So as to enable its users to use its services with maximum ease it provides various helpful features. Also with the mail service it provides various other interesting services that a Hotmail user can use with its mail address also.

We all know that the popularity of the Hotmail email services. It has unlimited features which is the best reason one might be inclined to use Hotmail services for his communication purpose. But none of the error free in this world.

Some of the problems that are faced by Hotmail users:-


  • Hotmail password recovery  problem
  • Hotmail password reset problem
  • Basic troubleshooting problems
  • Sign in problems
  • Email configuration problems

For solution to all the problems you can call the Hotmail helpline number. By calling this Hotmail phone number you will be answered by an executive who will listen to your problem and will provide best solution. Available 24/7 this Hotmail phone number helps you to solve your Hotmail problem immediately.


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