01 Feb

Hotmail blocked or displaying error messages

Hotmail helpline numberOutlook is one of the commonly used platforms for mail services. People prefer using Hotmail over other existing mail platform because outlook offers the most secured platform for mail and so as to ensure high security for mailing it takes preventive measures to avoid online scams and threats. Even though outlook is one of the widely used mail services sometimes users are in unusual situations where they face problem in using their mail account. There can be plenty of reasons for this. For help to such problems a user can take easy help by dialing Hotmail contact phone number UK.

Even though there is solution for every problem faced in Hotmail still it is very necessary to identify the reason of the problem so as to take preventive solutions. The two measure problems are account being blocked and receiving of warning messages.

Why is account blocked?

Often spams are the common problem faced by mail account owners and so as to avoid this problem outlook sets a limit of sending and receiving mails. This restrict user from sending bulk message over a time. Sometimes unknowingly you send a mail message that is a spam according to outlook and thus it blocks your account in such cases easy help can let you out of such problems. If outlook feels some unusual activity or some spam text in your mail it blocks your account to prevent it from online stealing. This is merely a temporary blockage and is done for your benefit thus no need to worry.

Why I receive warning messages?

Sometimes you receive a warning message from outlook about your account being blocked this can be because you are trying to send mails after your account has been blocked.

How to unblock this temporary blockage?

If you are facing the problem of blockage and is receiving a warning message you need to follow simple steps to unblock the account. First of all it is very necessary to change the password and keep a strong password after which you can get apply for receiving a code. You can enter your mobile number for receiving a validation code on your mobile number. After entering of which you can get access back to your account.

This is a simple and easy process but in case somewhere you are in problem and need help you can call Hotmail helpline number 0800 098 8424.

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