24 Jan

Hotmail customer support – The Outlook One Drive

Hotmail support numberOutlook is the most chosen mail platform and it is because of the fact that it has tremendous features associated with it. All their applications are designed for users and user enjoys using outlook with all this additional features. Other than its advanced and user friendly platform other attached features like one drive makes it worth using. Outlook helpline is also very useful help for its users and user can take easy Hotmail help by calling to the Hotmail support number UK .

One Drive provides free online storage for saving your important documents within the outlook mail. Every outlook inbox comes with 15 GB storage space. All its files are automatically available once you are into your outlook mail. With One drive it is easy to store, retrieve, manage and share your document online. In short One Drive of Outlook has lot to offer. Some of the interesting features of outlook are as below:

  • Online access – Once your files are in your One Drive, you can use them from anywhere and from any device.
  • Easy sharing – One drive let you share and work together with anyone. As with it you can Access and share files and photos online with anyone.
  • Device compatibility – One drive works great on all your devices and all platforms. One can use One Drive from desktop, mobile device, and the web. It is supported on platforms whether it is PC, Mac, Android or IOS etc.
  • Easy working – It easily collaborate with Word, Excel &PowerPoint and thus it can be used for all work.
  • Backup – It helps you to store important files & documents online without any fear of loss.
  • Protection – It let you store in a manner that only you can access what you have store because the access is restricted to only your account unless you share it with others.
  • Notifications – With Outlook One Drive you get a special feature of notification which let you know that who is viewing your document online and what editing is being made on it by others.


Signing into Outlook one drive

Signing in One drive is very easy. Outlook let you sign in into One Drive by sign in to Outlook.com. One can get into One Drive by following these easy steps:

1. Sign into your account.

2. Click the app launcher button at the top of your inbox.

3. Select One Drive.

Once you are into your One Drive you can create files, folders, documents in it and can share them with specific or groups of people by getting a link or by inviting them for editing. Within One Drive you can also drag files and photos and use them within the one drive. You can use the uploaded One Drive file within the email or can use them anywhere to post it directly to the Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Using of One Drive is very easy as it is very user friendly but still in problems easy help can be obtained by dialing Hotmail customer service number 0800 098 8424.

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