10 Apr

Hotmail helpline – Attach files in email messages of outlook

Outlook is pretty interesting platform it is used widely and that is because of its advantageous applications that it offers for its user. Outlook takes all proper care of user associated with its platform it provides all security measures to take care of its user’s privacy and thus it is a popular platform that is widely used in offices, colleges etc. Other than as official mail network outlook is also popular mail network for personal mail exchange. Outlook is so popular because keeps on bringing new update from time to time to help user adapt changes and adopt technological advancement. Outlook is a user friendly, helpful mail exchange platform but in case user face any problem with this platform of outlook it also provides easy help for all its user with a Hotmail helpline number.

hotmail helplineThe main motive of outlook mail platform is to enable easy exchange of mails. With this platform one can send and receive mails online. With easy mail exchange it provides ultimate mail connectivity. Outlook is a mail platform that enables sending of attachment as well. These attachments can be images, office files, jpeg files and other useful documents that are required in day to day to life. It is very easy to send this attachment files with outlook simply attach it within a mail and send it.

Outlook like every other mail has set a limit for sending an attachment exceeding to which a user can take help of ultimate online storage account. With this storage account it is possible to exchange files stored on your own account within outlook mails.

How to send a file or image as an attachment with outlook mail?

With simple steps you can attach files from your computer or laptop to send or share it with your online outlook friends. This can be a document, spreadsheet, pictures and many more. These simple steps are as follows:

  1. Open an option to compose a mail or you can reply with an attachment to existing received mail.
  2. Now go to outlook mail navigation bar here select attach option. From here choose the file stored in the desired location on your pc.
  3. Select a file.
  4. Click open.
  5. Finally click send.

If you wish to send a file that exists in your account you can even do this with outlook. To attach a file from storage account takes following steps:

  1. After opening a mail and selecting the attachment folder select the account
  2. Now double click the file to insert into email.
  3. Now choose your option to attach it as shared file or copy.

When you share files from your storage account the receiver will receive a link of the file so that he can access this file online.

By following these easy steps it is possible to attach files and images within outlook. In case you are unable to get what is to be done you can take easy help from Hotmail helpline number 0800 098 8424.

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