03 Apr

Hotmail helpline- Linking and unlinking contacts in Outlook

Outlook offers a refined way to connect with your friends and family. Though it is mailing platform which let you send and receive mails from one end to another but with its advanced features it let you establish an important connectivity online. For its users outlook provides enhanced contact application with which an outlook user can store and retrieve contact details of their recipient and senders. This application let you store basic information of your outlook contacts. Once you store these contacts and their details you can use them anytime for sending them important mails. For help to outlook and linking make a call to Hotmail helpline number.

Hotmail helpline numberOften there are users that are connected with each this can be senders from the same company or from the same field. With outlook it is possible to establish a link between these contacts so that you don’t mislead with them. Linking and unlinking of contacts is possible in outlook. Not only this outlook automatically provides a special feature of detecting contacts that are similar in names or has similar links in them so that they appear in a single contact from the next time.

One can follow easy steps to link and unlink contacts.

Link contacts:

  • In the middle panel select the check box situated near to each contact and then in the toolbar selects link option.

Unlink contacts: Sometimes by default outlook automatically link contact with each other it is because it feels that they are connected with each other but actually they are not. This may be irritating but doesn’t worry as outlook provides an application to unlink this contacts that you think are not linked to each other. To unlink contacts follow these steps:

  • Go to middle panel and here select the check box associated with the linked contacts.
  • Now select the links drop down menu in the toolbar.
  • In this drop down menu select the cross option that appears next to the contacts. This will unlink it from another.

Automatic linking: By default outlook establish a linking. This can be checked in outlook. To see suggestions for linking or to check the actual linking established by outlook have a look at this:

  1. To the left of the contact name select the check box. If outlook has created linked between the contacts automatically it will be appeared in the form of drop down menu on the right side of toolbar.
  2. You just need to select links appearing in this toolbar as a drop down.

After you get it in this drop down menu a user can delete or inbuilt this inking of outlook. For further help call Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8424.


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