03 Jul

Hotmail now tracks user behavior

Hotmail has always been customer favorite this lies in the fact that it provides such enhanced services that user’s enjoy using it widely. Even though there are several mail platforms that enable easy mail exchange still hotmail is trusted gateway for fast and helpful mail transfer and this is because of its extensible features that it offers with its platform. It has millions of users based worldwide and it is still the most advanced mail platform that offers helpful services. Also it offers easy help services. Whenever user is into any problem with these platforms he may obtain easy help from Hotmail contact number.

Hotmail has always been working on providing the most enhance platform for its users. It makes sure that user get the most out of their Hotmail account and to assure this it keeps on rolling several features that are utmost  helpful for its users. Recently Hotmail has rolled a special application that claims that now Hotmail will be tracking the behavior of its users. This it will be doing to provide enhanced user on the Hotmail platform.

According to this it will be tracking the overall time which users spend on their Hotmail platform. This will includes the user time they spent on Hotmail and what they do. This will also be including the messages that a user is receiving or sending via their Hotmail account and this also includes the messages and the way a user is interacting with these messages. By tracking these activities of users on their Hotmail mail account, they want to review their behavior online so that better and enhanced applications may be soon implanted to Hotmail which the users are looking for. This will include a track over following aspects

  • Messages that are deleted without being read;
  • Messages that got a reply.
  • The frequency of receiving and reading messages from a certain source.

According to Hotmail these are the basic indicators that can track behaviors of Hotmail users. One the basis of analyses of these indicators later new features will be implemented to enhance the Hotmail platform in future. Hotmail is definitely a useful and customer oriented platform. It is easy to use and helpful but in case user gets into any trouble with Hotmail platform they may obtain easy help from Hotmail customer tech service number to eliminate the problems permanently.

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