10 Jun

Instructions to Preserve your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of the best free web based email service which is widely used due to its high tech advanced features and it also provides lots of inbuilt features and functions to the users to perform their desired emailing activities. It conjointly offers you a range of options that you simply will build use of. By just having a Hotmail account, you will easily perform lots of tasks which are very brilliant for the growth of your business. You will also get huge online storage space to store your files and folders. It actively works with a fast user friendly interface and also gives proper access to the users to send and receive emails to their friends and relatives. Problems are also occurred in it while accessing the email account. Hotmail customer service number is the great service available to provide you proper help and support to resolve the all occurred problems. You may get proper solutions by just connect with them.

As Hotmail is among the most favorable email service, so there are also some issues occurred when someone tries to make misuse of your email account or makes any harm to your email account. Hacking and spamming are the major ways to harm your email account. In order to overcome of this problem, you must need to contact to the tech support team, and they will provide you some measures to preserve your email account from such harmful stuffs. You may just connect with the support team by just dialing a toll free number or get the handy measures.

Here are the listed below some instructions to preserve your Hotmail account.

  • You may not ever use a public computer which has no security tool accessible to access your hotmail account. This action may cause problem with your account. This can be one in every of the easiest ways in which you lose management over your email account.
  • Keep this always up to you that you do not constantly use the similar password for a long time. This could be a very tough however to safeguard your email account in an easy way. Your password ought to be not so tough but unique that you may easily remember. Never write your password on anywhere. Keep this secret as only you know it.
  • You must need to keep a guard against any phishing activities with your email account. These emails are supposed to be only interrupting into your personal data and also build wrong use of it each attainable caution ought to be created to use of.
  • Try and keep your new password as distinct from the former one, that there are less chances for anyone to guess your password.
  • You may regularly keep a descent antivirus put it on your computer system to make your system safe from any harmful things and hence your email account is become well protected.
  • Always bear in mind, that you may sign out from your email account properly and clean the cache, cookies and history to avoid the errors.

After observing the above measures, you will surely keep your email account safe from any unauthentic access or harm. It is very good in terms of the protection of your email account. If you are facing any issue or you have any trouble then you may contact to the Hotmail helpline number  0800 098 8424 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve your all issues with the help of third party technical experts team. You will also get 24*7 help and support by them


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