16 Aug

Know about Hotmail security with Hotmail contact number

Online security is so important today. It is due to the hacking and cracking now day’s security and protection is must in the web and especially in our emails and everyone should be aware about it and to know about Hotmail security you can take help from Hotmail support number.

In the world of online threat it is very important to take care of online security. Hotmail very well understand about it and thus it provides extra secured platform for its mail users. For Hotmail privacy of its users is its main concern. For this Hotmail suggests its user to be aware. As per Hotmail it is never secure to keep your account details susceptible and you can also increase Hotmail account security by your own efforts like-

  • By using strong password and keeps it changing time to time.
  • Security information should be managed by providing alternate email address and contact number.
  • Don’t open the mails that you have no information
  • Install a good antivirus.

If we talk about selection of an email account services everybody wants the security service at the priority and as privacy and security services are concerned outlook.com is best for it privacy because its primary goal is security. Spam protection, reliability and protection with advanced features and technology comes under the segment of security.



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Outlook increases its security by offering new features that is providing strong features to prevent from phishing attacks that is providing a complete support of DMARC, DMARC is a standard that makes anybody to send phishing mails, these are the mails which tries to gain the user’s personal information and second one is a support for extended validation certificates that is EV Certificates which provides more security when you use outlook.com

Outlook is the first major email service which is providing this high level security. These features help users to prevent their account from information stealing and from phishing attacks.

Next type of phishing is happens when a hacker keeps website that pretends to be from one company but actually it belongs to other, so here EV Certificates helps user to prevent from all these problems.

And if you are unable to know about it you can also use Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424. The new features of security are recently available on outlook only and will coming soon on other Microsoft products also.

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