23 Aug

Apply a new Quick Style set to an email message

With the latest update in outlook mail now its user can use Hotmail with new style set. Recently the outlook came up with the Style Sets with which it provided special feature to its users. According to this one get special option for mail in Hotmail. To know more about this you can call Hotmail contact number.

When outlook is provided with special style set option it provides several features which are actually the groups of formatting options. These style sheets are designed to help users to create professional and personal looking messages quickly in Microsoft Outlook. To compose a mail you can choose a style set format from the list, then design your message with the style you choose. Users can also customize their style sheets by modifying the existing one.

Outlook users can also use these style sets in meeting requests, calendar appointments, and notes in contact form and in task and journal items. The things which can be done with Style Sets are:

A new Built-in set to an Email

 When users compose a message can choose a Style set from the several redesigned sets, such as modern or elegant. Every style sets having several text elements, such as quotes, body text, emphasized text, titles, heading levels. Etc.

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Customizing a Style in a Style Set

 Style sets having the well designed sets and it is easier to use the different style sheets than to customize the set for yourself. But if any user wants to change the set according to its requirement like bolding, spacing, font size, a user can easily do that.

A user can select the text that is styled with a style attribute in a message which he or she is composing and change it according to their requirement.

Save a Custom Style Set

 When a user changed a style set, they can save their new customized style to the list of style sheets, from which they can use it.

Since this user has to change the style in Style Set, then on the format tab of the style group, click change style, pointing the style set click to save as a New Style Set. Users can give a name to their style set and then click to save it.

These features are useful and one must always use them for enhanced outlook experience and if you are in any Hotmail problem take instant help from Hotmail support number 0800 098 8424


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