08 Aug

Learn to enable SMTP Setting in I Phone with Hotmail support number

SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

All the activities which we play on the internet are accomplished by protocols. It is the medium of communication on network and it is very essential part of all the applications. Hotmail also uses protocol and that is SMTP protocol. So as to enable this protocol you need to enable some setting in your Hotmail account. If you have any problem in this take help by calling Hotmail contact number.

SMTP is a protocol which is a part of TCP/IP protocol. In Hotmail SMTP is used to transfer a mail from mail client to mail server. SMTP was introduces at 1982 and later it was implemented in Hotmail to carry out one of the basic function in Hotmail. It is dependent on two other protocols that are known as POP and IMAP. So, all the three protocols are required to construct a mail. It had its new version known as extended SMTP.

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To access Hotmail in IPhone we also need SMTP setting and it’s easy to enable it you just need to follow certain easy steps to change the setting.

Follow this method to enable SMTP setting in your IPHONE:

  1. Open your IPhone and go to ‘setting’ option.

      2.Tap on the ‘Mail, Contacts ,Calendar’ option.

     3. After tapping the above option various account occurs on the iPhone screen and now you have to select one  account for which you want to enable SMTP.

    4. Next step is to fill the information of the account that you had been selected and the information will be your name, password, username and the description of your account. After it click on save

   5. Now select the outgoing server that is SMTP and under the primary server setting click on smtp.live.com

   6. After clicking on outgoing server a list of different server arises that has been arranged on your IPhone.

  7. Apart from this process user should check the settings of SSL that should be on, Port should be 587 and provide confirmation via password.

 8. Now click on SMTP that is on the left corner and then clicks on back button to go previous page that’s heading was ‘Advanced’.

 9. User now come on home screen after 3 clicks of back button and enjoys the mailing service.




Hotmail support number

If you’re facing any difficulties in this process than just use Hotmail support number 0800 098 8424.



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