12 Aug

New Microsoft outlook update for Android

Outlook is interesting mail service provided by Microsoft. It is because of its updated features and enhanced services that it is so popular among its users. So as to provide efficient and enhanced platform to its user’s outlook keeps on updating its features. Recently Hotmail was updated. To know more about its recent updates stay connected to Hotmail support contact number.

As per recent update of outlook which was done before few months outlook has enhanced itself. With this handful of interesting features it has also upgraded its application and its features in all aspects. Those abilities also include integrated views approach and improved calendar. With this it’s advanced file sharing and online file storage option with attachment saving and sharing ability was highly appreciated by its users.

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Features of the recent update:


  1. Unified Inbox – Many a times you have accounts on multiple platform. For checking a mail at one platform you need to sign out from the recent mail and sign into other to use it. But with Outlook it is no more required because according to recent outlook update you can use an integrated inbox which can display mails from all platforms at one place. Updated outlook now provides consolidated email from Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo and many more platforms at one place.


  1. Swipe gesture – Before when you need to select and perform each and every task by selecting through mouse click now selection and performing each task specifically is no more required as with new advancement to outlook one can select, see, delete, archive and move through simple swipe gestures.



  1. Schedule email – With new update of Outlook you can schedule an important email to arrive later. Sometimes when you are unable to check some mail or you want to access it later you can schedule it to notify it later.


  1. Updated calendar – Outlook has updated its calendar so that one can share calendar availability. With this one can also schedule meetings and get updates of prior saved events and reminders.


  1. Focused inbox option – With new updates one can send the important mails to specified folder so that it can be checked later when necessary. By storing this to a specified folder you can get easy track also in future.



  1. File sharing – With advanced outlook file sharing option one can share widely. With facility of Google drive, one drive and Drop box you can share file online with your friends.


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