28 Jan

New outlook calendar for Ios and Android

hotmail support number uk (6)We all aware of the fact that outlook offer many more associated services that comes within the mail platform. As soon you are into the outlook mail platform with your hot mail id and password you can use all this services. This may include interesting application of outlook like outlook calendar and outlook contacts. All this services are pretty easy and thus user enjoys using these additional features. Yahoo calendar is user friendly and helpful outlook services and for help to any outlook calendar problem easy help can be obtained by dialing Hotmail support number UK .

Whether you want to remember an important meeting date or you need a reminder of birthday of your special one you can simply add it to your outlook calendar so that you never forget it. Calendar let you remember and plan your next schedules of nest dates. When it comes to using of outlook on your mobile devices you can also get this calendar application. Outlook offers easy Hotmail calendar apps for android and ios users.

This new feature let you manage and make the most of your important date. It gives you better way to remember your important dates and respectively make your overall experience better. The new outlook calendar let you do the following:

• Stay in touch – Now outlook calendar let you connect with your Face book, Wunderlist and Ever note account. This will let you know that with whom you are planning your next important date. Not only this, it also let you to connect to important events that are included on your facebook account. It will add reminder and will remind you attend that event.

• Add event icon to remember – Calendar let you add interesting icon for your dates to make it easy to remember. For example if you add an event in your calendar with a name as coffee it will add a symbol of coffee to it so that it will keep you reminding that you need to go for a coffee on that particular date.

• Add location within the important date – With integration to Maps calendar will let you that on that particular date where you need to go. Once you add a location with your important date it will make sure that you reach a correct location as it gives you location suggestion though maps.

• Do easy scheduling with easy date and time picker – With the enhanced time and date picker it is pretty easier to select a date. This new design provides a simpler and more intuitive way to choose the specific date when creating a meeting or adding a birthday date to calendar.

• Update dates with easy editing – Now a user can simply edit dates and schedule new meeting even with the phone. Not only this you can delete it or can add location to it and that to with your mobile device itself.

• Fix a meeting via an online calendar even with your phone – Now a user can schedule a meeting with the mobile devices itself. One can edit, delete or change anything in the reminder date with the mobile device itself.

• Outlook support Skype with business – The new outlook calendar also support Skype with business option according to this one can select the option of Skype with the phone to schedule a meeting. One can also take a call or share the meeting details with its employee or other partners with the phone itself.

Outlook has updated its calendar feature with a motive to help its users and let them schedule there dates and meeting more appropriately. This updated outlook calendar is indeed very useful and will let user remember there important dates in an easy manner. With all this enjoy an enhanced outlook calendar use and in case of any problem never hesitate to take easy help by calling Hotmail customer service number 0800 098 8424.

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