08 Mar

Now outlook let you set priorities

With technology we get wide facilities for everything. Whether it is communication, information or data storing we have so much of all. While we use an outlook platform we have so many mails, so many files to store it on our outlook. With so much available on outlook it is so critical to manage everything. Among all this there are obviously some data or mails that deserve a truer focus. So as to help user focus on important aspect outlook provides a whole new experience. This includes the app of Focus inbox. To know more about new outlook updates make a call at Hotmail support number UK.

This new experience adds up so much to enhance user experience over inbox. New outlook has added so many features for helping user take complete control over mail inbox and with @mention it helps user drive attention towards them. By combining all this features and advanced application outlook is looking forward to combine all key aspect of mail and helps in accomplishing outlook core mission that is stay connected, focus on priorities and manage appropriately.

Some of the advances features of new outlook are:

hotmail support numberFocused inbox – For many inbox is the place which they check twice and thrice each day. This is to keep a track of what is going on in mail folder. Even when you try each step to keep your inbox manages each day you receive so many mails that managing of important mail becomes almost impossible. Outlook’s Focused Inbox makes it easy to keep a track over important mails as it makes it easier to focus on the emails that matters most to you. With this feature of outlook you can divide your mail inbox into two tabs namely Focus and Other. With this you can store the important mails in the focus mails and the rest will automatically be shifted to “Other” tab. So that next time you get into your yahoo mail you get mails in an organized manner.

@mention- This let you send mails easier and faster. Whenever you are about to send mail just click @ anywhere and start typing name to pick up the address of person you want to send the mail to. Once this address has been picked it will be marked blue so that the person gives special attention to this. If in case the select address is not already the part of that specific mail than it will be included simultaneously with this.

These two features are provided by outlook to provide an enhanced gateway for mail usage. This are easy and user friendly applications that anyone can use but in case of problems Hotmail support number 0800 098 8424 can be called.

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