28 Mar

Uses of Outlook for official purposes

Hotmail is an amazing mail platform that provides better mail services for its millions of users who have been connected with each other. Hotmail is one among the best mail platform that provides best services for users looking for varied mailing needs. Hotmail have been into existence from last many years and since then it has been an integral mail platform for millions of users worldwide. It has successfully connected millions of users worldwide. By providing just the required services to all its users it claims to be world best mail platform. It is easy to use and user friendly which makes it best but in case if user finds it difficult to use their hotmail platform they may obtain easy help from Hotmail tech support phone number UK.


Outlook is user’s platform and it keeps on evolving with time. A few days back when hotmail realized that it is a common gateway for official mail exchange it launched several useful features for official usage of its users. Outlook understands that managing mails with your busy official routine is little difficult and thus with these features one can manage their outlook productivity easily. There are so many such features but it is advisable that you use the most of them so that better hotmail experience can be enjoyed.

Contact Hotmail Phone Number UK While hotmail is a platform commonly used for official purposes it becomes quite difficult to manage it sometimes specially when there are thousands of mails in hotmail inbox. Every type of mail get entered to hotmail inbox each day and in such situations sometimes it becomes quite difficult to manage those emails which are really important for you because they are mixed with unnecessary and unwanted mails. Hotmail knows this very well that its users are commonly trusting hotmail for their official purposes but and thus to enable easy mailing services it provides them an additional facilities to manage their hotmail inbox in a well arranged way. Some of these easy outlook management tricks for workplace mail management are:

  • Don’t wait to check each notification – So that you never miss any important mail you set a desktop notification such that whenever any new mail is received you are notified for it but it becomes quite irritating when to wait to check the notifications which are not actually useful for you. In such cases you may set that for which mails you want to receive the notifications for. This may include mails from a single sender or multiple senders only and no other mails notifications.

  • Learn to prioritize – While you are using your hotmail mails for your official mail exchange you must know which mails must be give priority learn to classify the important ones in such cases if you do not have time you may simply mark it as important so that when in time you can check to it.

  • Specifically manage your mail timely – Even if you are too busy working you must find a few minutes daily from your busy routine to delete all those mails which are not actually useful for you otherwise if you start to ignore it daily it will pile up to reach to a number of thousands after which it will becomes quite difficult to manage the important ones out of this.

  • Use auto features – Sometimes managing each mail manually is quite difficult or time consuming. In such cases when you do not want to waste so much time in this simply use auto features. With hotmail it is possible to apply rules and categories to different mails with which outlook will automatically move the future messages to automatically move such that you need to take specific actions manually for each mail.

With these easy tips and tricks managing of your outlook mail platform becomes easy and quiet effective. All these features are easy to use and apply on outlook platform but in case if users still face any issues they may obtain easy possible help from Hotmail customer care 0800-098-8424.

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