01 Jun

Hotmail customer service

Hotmail presents the facility to mark any unwanted emails or contacts as junk mail. So many emails go directly in to the spam folder. However routinely, simply to mark an email or a contact as spam is just not enough. Any filtering method will not be a 100% effective and routinely junk mails can in finding their way to the inbox. Also, repeatedly person would not need emails from a particular contact person. As a consequence Hotmail supplies the facility to block such emails or contacts forever. Below it’s mentioned that easy methods to block a quantity on Hotmail.

  1. To begin with, login to the Hotmail account by entering the username and password.
  2. Look for the e mail from the sender which you need to block.
  3. Open the email.
  4. On the right corner of the email, look for the logo for “reply” and “down “arrow. Click on the down arrow.
  5. In the drop down list, search for block sender’s name.
  6. Click on it.
  7. It will ask to confirm. The message will say that emails from this sender will probably be considered as spam for future.
  8. Click on block.


hotmail customer service


After this, user will not receive emails from the blocked contact. User needs to obtain messages from that in future. For any other crisis involving blocking and unblocking of contacts and numbers, consumer can always consult with the knowledgeable and professionals executives of Hotmail customer service. User can both email them his predicaments and wait for the response or he can call on the Hotmail customer service phone number and may straight ask the technicians about the main issue. In every way, the service is available for 24*7 for 365 days. User can call any time and the technical executive will be there on the line to unravel the issues. The predominant challenge is the whole customer satisfaction and they’re wholly committed toward it.




26 May

Outlook Express by Microsoft with Extra Benefits

The most incredible advantages that Outlook Express provides to there is its user friendly mails service. This is a feature that not all users receive other mail services. Microsoft in Outlook provides such interesting features that is liked and used by millions of people all around.

 Some of the best features are:

  • Accessibility of email even without a web association: With Outlook Express, the project will naturally interface with your record so that you can download email and store them on your PC. Since now the messages are on your neighborhood machine they are accessible to you even without a web association.


  • Spare time by downloading email from different records: This point applies to the individuals who have numerous email accounts. You don’t have to waste time in checking every email account independently. Various records can be set up in Outlook Express which implies email from all these records will be downloaded together at one spot on your PC.

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  •  A duplicate of your messages in on your PC: Probably the most critical point of preference of utilizing Outlook Express and other email administration programming is the capacity to store a duplicate of all your email on your PC. So regardless of the fact that you accidently erase an essential message from your server or if your record is hacked or is blocked off, you know you can recover the messages from your framework.


  • Messages can even now be recovered back by means of the online GUI: Most individuals assume that once Outlook Express downloads email, the messages are expelled from the server. Truth is told, clients feel this is the greatest inconvenience of utilizing email customers since messages will, now, never again be accessible from any area but with outlook it can be recovered further with help.


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21 May

Microsoft Outlook with a Great Makeover

Outlook is email service provider program by Microsoft that empowers clients to send and get email on their PC. Microsoft as it is said is widely used by one and all for sending and receiving both personal as well professional mails in all parts of world. There are two forms of Outlook; Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is a commercial item accessible in a stand – alone format or part of the Microsoft Office package. This project is a significantly a full program with better corporate support. The Outlook has many advanced features which are as follows:

Outlook’s is one of the best features in social integration. For whomever you’re talking with, Outlook imports their latest tweets and Facebook overhauls, alongside connections to profile pages. You can even like, remark, retweet and @reply straight from the sheet. Obviously, it not all, just do this in the event that you empower Outlook to examine for open substance on either benefit, something you can impair later.

hotmail customer support

For the new features of Outlook we are really very thankful to Microsoft for giving us such friendly and useful features for Hotmail, the appreciation to Microsoft’s moxie in also important for both the Hotmail name and the current plan of action. In a year loaded with striking moves from the organization, this doesn’t rank as the greatest; however both choices feel like the right move.

The principal thing you’ll notice in the wake of making the move by selecting “Move up to Outlook” in your Hotmail settings is the new outline. Hotmail, which developed extraordinarily in the course of the most recent decade however held the same general look, has at last hotmail received amazing makeover.

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11 May

History of Hotmail/Outlook and Its Services

Hotmail is widely used one of the free and trusted online communication tool. Hotmail.com is a free online email service from Microsoft. One of the best First web mail services is known as Hotmail mail service in the world. Hotmail is famous for its ultimate services. It has millions of customer worldwide. Hotmail was purchased by Microsoft in 1997 and serves millions of users across the world. It allowed users to read and send e-mail wherever there is internet access.

Hotmail is a user friendly email service. So as to enable its users to use its services with maximum ease it provides various helpful features. Also with the mail service it provides various other interesting services that a Hotmail user can use with its mail address also.

We all know that the popularity of the Hotmail email services. It has unlimited features which is the best reason one might be inclined to use Hotmail services for his communication purpose. But none of the error free in this world.

Some of the problems that are faced by Hotmail users:-


  • Hotmail password recovery  problem
  • Hotmail password reset problem
  • Basic troubleshooting problems
  • Sign in problems
  • Email configuration problems

For solution to all the problems you can call the Hotmail helpline number. By calling this Hotmail phone number you will be answered by an executive who will listen to your problem and will provide best solution. Available 24/7 this Hotmail phone number helps you to solve your Hotmail problem immediately.