10 Oct

Email formatting with Hotmail

Hotmail supports “HTML”, or email formatting that includes more than out and plain text: Hotmail gives you a chance to make text strong or bold, underlined; adjusted (legitimized) left, focus, or right, even indented. Hotmail gives you a chance to insert numbered and UN-numbered bulleted records, “hyperlinks”. Also, obviously, Hotmail lets you change your email’s text shading, text style and text size. This blog will cover the formatting options accessible to the email editor, which you use to create messages, answer to messages, or forward messages. And for easy use of Hotmail formatting options dial Hotmail customer service number.

  1.   Organizing your messages with the Hotmail toolbar

The Cut, Copy, and Paste charges fill in not surprising, as in some other text tool: choose the text and after that copy or cut; tap with your cursor where you need the squint addition point in your email body to paste content.

Moreover, to change the content size, the textual style family (“text style name”), or make text bold, or underlined, essentially select choose the content whose arranging you need to change, and tap the relating formatting link in Hotmail’s email editor toolbar.

  1.   Bulleted records and list things in Hotmail

Hotmail likewise gives you a chance to embed numbered records and un-numbered records: just place your cursor at the position where you need to embed the bulleted or numbered rundown, and hit its comparing button on the email manager’s toolbar. At whatever point you click Enter, another rundown thing is made.

  1.   Link to site pages from your email messages

Inserting links to site pages in Hotmail couldn’t be all the more simple. In the first place, elective step: highlight the parcel of content you might want to be a clickable hyperlink, and then tap Insert hyperlink on the toolbar. At that point, enter the address of the objective page and click OK button.

  1.   Insert level or horizontal line separators in your email messages

To separate significant themes in one of your messages, you can utilize horizontal line separator: put your cursor toward the end of the passage after which you need a line, and tap on the Insert a line option on the organizing toolbar. A strong flat line now isolates the body of your email into two plainly discernable areas. Hotmail gives you a chance to embed the same number of separators as you need in your message – extremely helpful to separate points in an email pamphlet.

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05 Oct

Recover Password from Hotmail

In today’s world we are using different types of social networking sites as well as online email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Hotmail, etc. Hotmail is one of the famous online mail service providers which are provided by Microsoft. Anyone can access this service anywhere from all over the world at any time as well with any web browser.

In today’s world, most of the people are using electronic gadgets and this is the reason now this Hotmail service is available in the form of application in mobile for the user so that user can access easily and get the services instantly. So if anyone wants to use the webmail service of Hotmail then they have to create id. Since this user has to go to Hotmail.com and once users get id and password, then the user is free to enjoy the services. But most of the time users forget his/her password and without a password, user can’t access his account. So all user want to know that how to resolve Hotmail password reset.

For recovery of password, user has to download password reset tool from the internet.

Online different websites are available so from this user can easily download this tool. This tool is available as a free service as well paid service also. But with this service you will get this tool for few days only as well in this you didn’t access this tool fully but in paid service you can access all the service for lifetime. When this tool gets downloaded user have to save and run that file. After that wait for a moment until that tool searches it may take less than one minute to recover the user password.

hotmail change password

There is a process to change Hotmail password and for this user want to follow some steps which are given below.

  • Go to hotmail.com.
  • Now enter your email address ex. xyz@hotmail.com.
  • Now click on forgetting password.
  • Now Hotmail asks user why can’t you sign in so in that they give three options so one of them option is I forget my password.
  • Here the user has to click on the option “I forget my password”.
  • Now again they will ask you to enter your email address or mobile number, if you are entering the mobile number so at that time you have to take care about that mobile number should be on since one time password will sent on the number you have registered.
  • After that, they asked you for how would you like to get security code? By SMS or by phone call or on alternate email id.
  • So when you get this code, enter that code in that box.
  • Then you have to enter a new password and confirm your password.
  • In this way you can recover your password.


hotmail support number

A user with these two methods can easily recover their password of hotmail account and can again enjoy the services and features of Hotmail. But is advisable to all the user to follow the security measures recommended by the Hotmail to keep your account safe and secured. Always keep changing your password time to time and keep your password strong by using the capital letters and special characters so anyone not find easier to get into your account. And if you face any issue about hotmail then you can just dial hotmail support number 0800 098 8424.


23 Aug

Apply a new Quick Style set to an email message

With the latest update in outlook mail now its user can use Hotmail with new style set. Recently the outlook came up with the Style Sets with which it provided special feature to its users. According to this one get special option for mail in Hotmail. To know more about this you can call Hotmail contact number.

When outlook is provided with special style set option it provides several features which are actually the groups of formatting options. These style sheets are designed to help users to create professional and personal looking messages quickly in Microsoft Outlook. To compose a mail you can choose a style set format from the list, then design your message with the style you choose. Users can also customize their style sheets by modifying the existing one.

Outlook users can also use these style sets in meeting requests, calendar appointments, and notes in contact form and in task and journal items. The things which can be done with Style Sets are:

A new Built-in set to an Email

 When users compose a message can choose a Style set from the several redesigned sets, such as modern or elegant. Every style sets having several text elements, such as quotes, body text, emphasized text, titles, heading levels. Etc.

Hotmail contact number uk (4)

Customizing a Style in a Style Set

 Style sets having the well designed sets and it is easier to use the different style sheets than to customize the set for yourself. But if any user wants to change the set according to its requirement like bolding, spacing, font size, a user can easily do that.

A user can select the text that is styled with a style attribute in a message which he or she is composing and change it according to their requirement.

Save a Custom Style Set

 When a user changed a style set, they can save their new customized style to the list of style sheets, from which they can use it.

Since this user has to change the style in Style Set, then on the format tab of the style group, click change style, pointing the style set click to save as a New Style Set. Users can give a name to their style set and then click to save it.

These features are useful and one must always use them for enhanced outlook experience and if you are in any Hotmail problem take instant help from Hotmail support number 0800 098 8424


16 Aug

Know about Hotmail security with Hotmail contact number

Online security is so important today. It is due to the hacking and cracking now day’s security and protection is must in the web and especially in our emails and everyone should be aware about it and to know about Hotmail security you can take help from Hotmail support number.

In the world of online threat it is very important to take care of online security. Hotmail very well understand about it and thus it provides extra secured platform for its mail users. For Hotmail privacy of its users is its main concern. For this Hotmail suggests its user to be aware. As per Hotmail it is never secure to keep your account details susceptible and you can also increase Hotmail account security by your own efforts like-

  • By using strong password and keeps it changing time to time.
  • Security information should be managed by providing alternate email address and contact number.
  • Don’t open the mails that you have no information
  • Install a good antivirus.

If we talk about selection of an email account services everybody wants the security service at the priority and as privacy and security services are concerned outlook.com is best for it privacy because its primary goal is security. Spam protection, reliability and protection with advanced features and technology comes under the segment of security.



hotmail contact uk


Outlook increases its security by offering new features that is providing strong features to prevent from phishing attacks that is providing a complete support of DMARC, DMARC is a standard that makes anybody to send phishing mails, these are the mails which tries to gain the user’s personal information and second one is a support for extended validation certificates that is EV Certificates which provides more security when you use outlook.com

Outlook is the first major email service which is providing this high level security. These features help users to prevent their account from information stealing and from phishing attacks.

Next type of phishing is happens when a hacker keeps website that pretends to be from one company but actually it belongs to other, so here EV Certificates helps user to prevent from all these problems.

And if you are unable to know about it you can also use Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424. The new features of security are recently available on outlook only and will coming soon on other Microsoft products also.

12 Aug

New Microsoft outlook update for Android

Outlook is interesting mail service provided by Microsoft. It is because of its updated features and enhanced services that it is so popular among its users. So as to provide efficient and enhanced platform to its user’s outlook keeps on updating its features. Recently Hotmail was updated. To know more about its recent updates stay connected to Hotmail support contact number.

As per recent update of outlook which was done before few months outlook has enhanced itself. With this handful of interesting features it has also upgraded its application and its features in all aspects. Those abilities also include integrated views approach and improved calendar. With this it’s advanced file sharing and online file storage option with attachment saving and sharing ability was highly appreciated by its users.

Hotmail support number

Features of the recent update:


  1. Unified Inbox – Many a times you have accounts on multiple platform. For checking a mail at one platform you need to sign out from the recent mail and sign into other to use it. But with Outlook it is no more required because according to recent outlook update you can use an integrated inbox which can display mails from all platforms at one place. Updated outlook now provides consolidated email from Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo and many more platforms at one place.


  1. Swipe gesture – Before when you need to select and perform each and every task by selecting through mouse click now selection and performing each task specifically is no more required as with new advancement to outlook one can select, see, delete, archive and move through simple swipe gestures.



  1. Schedule email – With new update of Outlook you can schedule an important email to arrive later. Sometimes when you are unable to check some mail or you want to access it later you can schedule it to notify it later.


  1. Updated calendar – Outlook has updated its calendar so that one can share calendar availability. With this one can also schedule meetings and get updates of prior saved events and reminders.


  1. Focused inbox option – With new updates one can send the important mails to specified folder so that it can be checked later when necessary. By storing this to a specified folder you can get easy track also in future.



  1. File sharing – With advanced outlook file sharing option one can share widely. With facility of Google drive, one drive and Drop box you can share file online with your friends.


08 Aug

Learn to enable SMTP Setting in I Phone with Hotmail support number

SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

All the activities which we play on the internet are accomplished by protocols. It is the medium of communication on network and it is very essential part of all the applications. Hotmail also uses protocol and that is SMTP protocol. So as to enable this protocol you need to enable some setting in your Hotmail account. If you have any problem in this take help by calling Hotmail contact number.

SMTP is a protocol which is a part of TCP/IP protocol. In Hotmail SMTP is used to transfer a mail from mail client to mail server. SMTP was introduces at 1982 and later it was implemented in Hotmail to carry out one of the basic function in Hotmail. It is dependent on two other protocols that are known as POP and IMAP. So, all the three protocols are required to construct a mail. It had its new version known as extended SMTP.

Hotmail contact

To access Hotmail in IPhone we also need SMTP setting and it’s easy to enable it you just need to follow certain easy steps to change the setting.

Follow this method to enable SMTP setting in your IPHONE:

  1. Open your IPhone and go to ‘setting’ option.

      2.Tap on the ‘Mail, Contacts ,Calendar’ option.

     3. After tapping the above option various account occurs on the iPhone screen and now you have to select one  account for which you want to enable SMTP.

    4. Next step is to fill the information of the account that you had been selected and the information will be your name, password, username and the description of your account. After it click on save

   5. Now select the outgoing server that is SMTP and under the primary server setting click on smtp.live.com

   6. After clicking on outgoing server a list of different server arises that has been arranged on your IPhone.

  7. Apart from this process user should check the settings of SSL that should be on, Port should be 587 and provide confirmation via password.

 8. Now click on SMTP that is on the left corner and then clicks on back button to go previous page that’s heading was ‘Advanced’.

 9. User now come on home screen after 3 clicks of back button and enjoys the mailing service.




Hotmail support number

If you’re facing any difficulties in this process than just use Hotmail support number 0800 098 8424.



02 Aug

Get help to configure push Hotmail account on I phone with hotmail contact number

In this world of mobile integration everything is available online on your mobile phone so that a user can use it any time with maximum ease. So as to provide and friendly and more enhanced approach for Hotmail, it has also provided its platform with mobile. With Hotmail on your I phone now you can enjoy Hotmail on mobile but sometimes you are unable to make it work on your I phone for this you can take instant help from Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424. You can also call this number any other Hotmail help.

In the present scenario everybody knew about Hotmail and I Phone both. Hotmail is one of the principal web mail services and I Phone is the No.1 cell phone of Apple in the world. Now think about their combination Hotmail and I Phone it’s just adorable mixture because they are awesome in their fields.

Hotmail is user friendly and not difficult to use, it is often operated by entrepreneurs since of its features along with privacy and I Phone is also a commercial phone. Hotmail provides so many features and appreciated services to users as well as If you face any problem in your Hotmail account it also provides its Hotmail support contact number UK and now it also allows I phone users to sync their Hotmail emails, contacts and calendar with it this means now you are able to use Hotmail on your I Phone which was earlier cannot be possible.

hotmail support number

How to configure Hotmail on your I phone?

By following this procedure for Hotmail you can integrate Hotmail to your I phone:

Step 1:-open your I phone, go to settings than in settings select the option “Mail, contacts, calendars”.

Step 2:-Click on “Microsoft exchange option”

Step 3:– Fill the details that is

  • Email, it should be your Hotmail email address.
  • Domain, it is an optional field.
  • Username
  • Password

    After filling these details click on “Next” on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 4.write “m.hotmail.com” as a server addresses and click on “Next” Button.

Step 5. Some switches appear like mail, contacts and calendars and you have to select the option that which one you like to sync and click on “save” button.

Done, now your Hotmail account is configured on your Hotmail and you are able to operate your Hotmail on your phone.


26 Jul

How to Set Up Hotmail via IMAP on MAC

Hotmail is one of the best emails used by millions of users worldwide. It provides ultimate connectivity through its helpful mail services. Millions of people use Hotmail for sending and receiving mail from one part to another all around the globe. Hotmail that is indeed very helpful works actually on protocols. This protocol helps in executing several tasks. There are many protocol that are responsible for outlook out of them IMAP is important.

IMAP is the most recognized email protocols that allow you to access, download and view your Hotmail emails from the mail server to your local computer or any other device that is why it is known as incoming email server. IMAP is the best option when you want to access the Hotmail account on multiple devices.

IMAP should be enabled in Hotmail settings in order to download Hotmail from mail server to your computer or mobile device. Then you would have to set up Hotmail with an email program like Outlook express, Microsoft Outlook, and Thunderbird or Mail app through IMAP on your device.

The benefit of using IMAP is that the entire email users get synchronized. If the user has deleted any email on his phone it will be immediately deleted from the server and also be removed from all other devices that have access to it.

Hotmail support contact number




Setting up Hotmail on Mac need proper guidelines, take a quick view of step by step procedure of setting Hotmail IMAP on your Mac mail:

  • Open up Apple Mail
  • Click on Mail and then add Account from pull down menu.
  • Click on Add other Mail account
  • Add your details to the pop-up box
  • A box should appear to say that the account must be manually configured.
  • Add Incoming Mail Server Settings, ensuring that IMAP is selected:imap-mail.outlook.com
  • Click next and an additional settings box will appear.
  • Enter 993for the port number and check the SSL box.
  • Leave authentication set to password.
  • Add Outgoing Mail Server Settings : smtp-mail.outlook.com
  • If you get asked to enter a port number enter 25 or 587




Now check whether the set up has done properly or not by signing out and signing in again. Once it is enabled you can use it further.

In case you are in any Hotmail problem and need instant help call Hotmail support contact number UK 0800 098 8424.

23 Jul

How to Access Your Hacked or Suspended Hotmail-account

Hotmail is one of the revolutionary free web mail services offered by Microsoft. Millions of the users are using Hotmail email services for better communication and online experience. As it occupies the strongest security features in comparison to others email providers, it is consider as one of the potential web enabled services among all. Its services are way more advanced and user friendly as compared to other mailing services.

hotmail help email

It has a diverse range of the email services.  Hotmail is one of the top most as it provides all basic and standard email features plus the best privacy and security to its users. However, with all the security measures there is always a chance of losing access to your account as we could not stop the bad intention of the intruders and hackers. They can get your password by guessing or with their various tools and techniques. That is why it is highly recommended that you should create a strong password and always add recovery account or phone number. So in cases when you lost access to your account you can recover it back.

In spite of high security measure that Hotmail takes for its users sometimes it may happen that your account is suspended or hacked. This is a case when someone else has managed to acquire your account to use its information etc. in these cases you are no longer owner of your account. In such cases you can recover your hacked Hotmail account.

Hackers can steal the private data, Spam your Contacts, spam your mails etc. If your account is actually hacked, you can do the following:

  • Try to recover the account from recovery email or phone number.
  • Change the password as and when you come to know about hacking.
  • If you can’t access above two go for the option can’t access my account from login panel.
  • If above won’t work, you can use Windows Live ID Account Recovery Help Page: where you can “prove” that you are the rightful account owner, and having done so may regain access to the account.



Hotmail customer service

If you ever face such type of Hotmail account issues and the above solution won’t work then our team is always available to give the support for this. If you want to get the instant help then you can dial Hotmail support number UK 0800 098 8424 and we will provide you all the Hotmail help email.



20 Jul

Hotmail Customer service – One stop for all the Hotmail email problems

Hotmail is one of the secured mediums for the exchange of data through emails and now Hotmail is offering forth numerous new features, for example, capacity to view, expanded file connection size, real time document collaboration, etc. HTTPS is currently coming in Hotmail for the whole session which is making it a more secured email service provider. Edit and Reply is one of the new elements in Hotmail in which the user can roll out improvements in the document without downloading the file and send it back from there itself.

Hotmail additionally face few account or system particular issues which are should have been tended to. In this article you can discover those issues alongside the answer for those issues. Without a doubt Hotmail customer service gives you the best answer for the Hotmail email issue however we will also to address and investigate some of those issues.



hotmail contact number (2)



Hotmail Password recovery

      1. Open the Hotmail sign-in page and tap on the “Can’t access your account” link.

      2.  Next select “I forgot my password” and click “Next”.

      3. In the “Microsoft Account” field enter the Hotmail address, fill the captcha and snap “Next”.

      4. Now it’s the turn to choose the confirmation strategy. Select the email option, text option or select ‘I don’t have any of these’.

      5. If you have chosen the email or instant message alternative you will get a verification code. What’s more, in the event that you have chosen ‘I don’t have any of these’ option, you are requested that round out a poll to keep the unapproved customers from getting to the private emails.

     6. Now once you select the confirmation technique, recover the code to get to the password reset page.

     7.  Once you are into the password reset page, enter another password and recover the Hotmail password.

     8. Dial Hotmail support contact number in the event that you are facing any issue in recovering the Hotmail password.


Hotmail support contact number uk


A portion of the other Hotmail email account issues that you may experience are:

  • Unable to send or receive emails.
  • Problem in downloading or transferring the connections.
  • Not getting the emails from a specific location.
  • Emails are arriving in Junk email box.
  • How to utilize Gmail signature for the mails.
  • Gmail website page seeming clear or not showed properly.



Dial the Hotmail Helpline number 0800 098 8424 to discover all the related answer for the Hotmail account issues. Support expert will examine and analyze the issues remotely and will give you instant solutions at a practical way. Specifically utilize the helpline number to have a coordinated discussion for the issues or questions. Also compose an email to the support group with the issues and expect a brief answer from the team.