08 Dec

Hotmail – A platform looked for mailing

hotmail contact number (18)Hotmail is a widely used platform Even though everyone is well aware of the fact that Hotmail is a user friendly mail platform that offers extra useful and friendly approaches towards its user. There are millions of customers all around the world. What makes Hotmail special and worth using are its help services that it offers from its customer help desk. Any user in case of Hotmail problems can call Hotmail contact number UK for obtaining easy Hotmail help immediately.

Hotmail is a most used platform for mailing and it is so widely used for mail services because it offers variety of services like:

  1. Available in wide languages.
  2. Services like messenger, calendar, contacts etc.
  3. Services like rich text formatting and rich text signature service.
  4. Virus scanning facility.
  5. Multiple addresses & multiple language facility.
  6. Spam filtering service.

Hotmail features are indeed more advanced than other available mailing platform and thus it is so popular. Its features are way more trustworthy and advanced.

Even though Hotmail was available in limited languages but currently Hotmail is available in 36 languages and has approximately 300 million users around the world. As it is available in so many languages it is such a popular platform among millions of users.

Hotmail is often looked by its users because of varied services that it offers. Other than the mailing service Hotmail also offer services like messenger. Other than this Hotmail also offers calendar and contact service within the Hotmail.

Besides rich text formatting, rich text signature service Hotmail also support some salient and important features. Hotmail virus scanning is a feature that is worth mentioning according to which it automatically detect the virus and suggest this virus and its removal to the users.

Hotmail is one of the initial mail platforms that started the service of multiple addresses within the single mail. According to this one mail and its attachment can be sent to various user altogether. Other facility of Hotmail includes multiple languages options.

Spam filtering is also one of the salient features of Hotmail according to which it automatically transfer the unwanted mails to spam folders. This feature is very important for user who wants to avoid junk mails sent from a user. Also this feature restricts the extra filling of inbox as it automatically restricts extra mail to enter the inbox.

It is because of all this features that Hotmail is so popular mail platform. One more reason that makes Hotmail so popular is its help services. Once a user is in any Hotmail problem he can directly make a call to Hotmail support phone number 0800 098 8424 for easy help.

29 Nov

How do I search someone on Hotmail

Did you meet somebody on the web and lose their email address? Did they have a Hotmail address? Well if they did you can use the Hotmail profile search client to make it less demanding and speedier to find the individual you’ve been searching for what appears like until the end of time.

Remember in the event that you just have a name you will be constrained with your outcomes. The most compelling reason for this is on the grounds that Hotmail is worked around the protection of its clients, which means you won’t have the capacity to get this data just by name. Be that as it may, before we get into this you need to understand why the Hotmail Profile Search User is greatly improved than different frameworks out there.

Without a doubt, you can spend your energy checking the search engines for different sites, yet we can let you know need benefits you’ll get. For one thing, on the off chance that you attempt a turnaround pursuit and believe will get it for nothing, you may reconsider. At the point when a free setup is use you will just discover fractional data. This means so as to get the entire mail address you should pay an expense.

We should not disregard the time it takes to really find some email address seeking all the interpersonal organizations and media outlets on the internet today. Remember however, the more data you have in regards to the individual, the simpler it will be to discover their email address. So before you begin you have to ensure you have all your data in front of you.

hotmail phone numberWe could continue forever about the different approaches to get an email address, yet with regards to a Hotmail account there is nothing simpler than Hotmail Profile Search User. There are a few different databases you can use from them that will have the capacity to concentrate particularly on a Hotmail account rather than the different halfway auxiliary email messages that might be listed with different organizations.

Above all you will have the capacity to get data that is totally updated. When you investigate the assets accessible through the Hotmail Profile Search User, once you discover who you’re searching for you know you have the right material before you. This is an enormous advantage for any individual who is hoping to save time and money to discover anyone out there.

So in the event that you know one of your companions, co-workers, lost adores, or missing relatives are out there with an email through Hotmail, the Hotmail helpline phone number 0800 098 8424 is the most ideal approach to discover them. All things considered, the entire thought is to limit down your search with a viable strategy, which for this situation is the Hotmail Profile Search User.

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15 Nov

How to setup Hotmail on the iPhone

Hotmail support numberHotmail is also known as MSN or Windows Live Mail. It is one of the most popular email services among the users. Hotmail always make sure that it provides such services that its users can enjoy Hotmail to fullest. Hotmail is also well aware about the fact that all its users are now using Hotmail on their phones and other hand held devices and thus now it offers an enhanced Hotmail application on mobile devices such as I phone. By following several easy steps one can now integrate and use Hotmail on their I phones.

 For the iPhone users, Microsoft has enabled Exchange, Active Sync Support and it allows Hotmail to drive and sync Hotmail email and contacts to the iPhone. Now the users can add the Hotmail to the iPhone to watch the emails on both the services. It is really very helpful for the people who wish to contact Hotmail email account from their iPhone to send and receive messages. This facility will offer you with simple access to both inboxes directly from the Mail applications. If you find any difficulty in downloading the Hotmail from App Store then you can directly get assistance from Hotmail experts by calling them on a Hotmail Contact number.

Hotmail has an element of auto update of the contact address while composing the mail, and there is importing and exporting of contacts as CSV files and contact group. While composing the mail to anyone you can also use the features like rich text formatting, rich text name, virus scanning, spam filtering, numerous address features and rich text formatting.

The steps for setup Hotmail Email support to the iPhone:

  • Open the setting section.
  • Go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
  • Then select “Add Account”
  • Now select “Microsoft Exchange”
  • Enter your Hotmail email address into both username and email fields.
  • You have to leave the domain empty
  • Now enter the password and enter “Hotmail” in the description.
  • Now go to “Next”
  • You have to enter the server, enter“m.Hotmail.com” for the Server name, then goes to “Next”.
  • The iPhone will now confirm that your Hotmail Support information is entered accurately, on the next screen you should enable Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

If you still find difficulties in doing this task, then you no need to worry, just call to Hotmail Support Number 0800 098 8424 and get your problem solved.

09 Nov

How to Setup Hotmail in Android Phone

hotmail support number (12)Hotmail is with us from long time and it is still popular and one of the widely used email service around the world. The people still liking and using the Hotmail in spite of the new email services just because Hotmail keep updating itself according to the needs of the people and technology advancement. Hotmail always takes out or update itself with the new features and advancement which keeps people always connect with it. Hotmail can now be used on mobile phones also and it has developed applications for the mobile users so that they can use in a better way. It is very easy to integrate and use Hotmail on android phones and other hand held devices like smart phone tablets etc and in cases when you need some help you can call Hotmail support number UK for help.

Hotmail has jumped into the mobile phones because users are getting affected with, they have to open their desktop to check mail or send any important or urgent mail, but with mobile they can perform this task anywhere they just have to be connected to the internet or wifi.

Over the mobile the user can send any kind of mail and attachments like pdf files, word documents, pictures and many more. If you are still not having an idea of how to set up Hotmail account on your android phones then you have to follow some of the steps in the setup or you may also call to the Hotmail helpline number for the Hotmail setups:

Here are some of the steps which you have to follow for setting up the Hotmail on your Android device:

  • Open the application window and then click on settings and then open accounts.
  • Click on add account.
  • Select the icon of the email from the given list.
  • Now enter the Hotmail id and password in the given field.
  • Now leave it for automatic configure account checked and then click next.
  • Now your android phone will connect to the email server and you will get a message with “Success!” which will display on your screen.

Your Hotmail account got setup on your mobile phone you can test it by sending and receiving mails. If you still find any problem you can call to Hotmail customer service number 0800 098 8424 which is available for the users 24/7.


03 Nov

How to Reset Hotmail Password Online

Hotmail is one of the most used search engines and mail today around the world and for using it we need an account on it. Hotmail asks you for the id and password whenever you want to login into it. The id and passwords are made for securing your account. As the passwords play a very important role in securing your account it is also very important to keep resetting it to safeguard your hotmail account. It is advisable for users to change your password at least twice a year. It is very important and recommended because only with that you get sure that no one is able to guess your password. If you find any difficulty in changing the password you can call to Hotmail helpline number get the tips for resetting the password of your account.

With resetting the passwords you should also do some regular checks for keeping your account safe and secure. When you will Hotmail password reset, please also visit the account security page and check that the information you have provided has not been changed. This opportunity can also be used to make any changes in the account information.

For resetting the password of Hotmail Mail you will have to go to the account information page and select the account security and then click on change password. When you will change the password you will be asked for the new password and the old password too and then you have to click continue. After that a message will appear to confirm you that your password has been changed. There are very simple precautions which you should take to create a strong password.

hotmail support

Always keep your password at least eight characters. You can also create a long password, but do not make it too long as well. Long passwords are difficult to remember so keep your password medium in size that is between eight to ten characters. While choosing the password you should be careful about the password you are choosing, always keep a strong password by using special characters. Never use the passwords with only small letters, alphabets as that will make your password weak and most of the email service provider’s do not allow such kind of passwords.

Still, you are finding any difficulty, call on the free Hotmail support number UK 0800 098 8424 and get your password reset under expert advice.

29 Oct

How to delete Hotmail account in few steps

Hotmail has its existence for many years and the importance of Hotmail mail is known by everyone as Hotmail mail is one of the most important parts of their life which makes their life very easy. People find it the best way of communication with others. When people start using the Hotmail mail most of the people had created more than 1 account for different purpose, but with the time it is not possible for them to manage the multiple accounts. So, for the people who face challenges in managing more than one account has the option of deleting the few accounts to make their life easier. If you don’t know how to delete the account you can call to the Hotmail customer service number and get the details of deleting the account.

hotmail contact number

There are many users of Hotmail mail who are not having much knowledge and they find it too difficult. For deleting the account you can ask help from your friend or take help from online Hotmail support. Apart from all these things there are some simple steps through which users can easily delete their account.

Steps for deleting your Hotmail mail account:-

Login to your account: Just type your username and password and click on the sign-in in button.

Open the Hotmail Homepage: Scroll down your homepage and click on the help button. Now click on my account link at the bottom and select the delete account tab in the account page. Click on the close your account link and then click on the account termination link in the middle of the page.

Enter the login Information: Login your account again by providing all your details. This step will help prevent account from being deleted if they are left open at any other place.

Enter the Password: To get confirmation that your account has been deleted, you have to enter the password again. Fill out the Captcha to ensure that account, delete request is not fake and finally click on yes terminate this account tab and get ensure that the account is deleted permanently.

These are some steps which help you in deleting the account, one can delete their account with these steps and if you find any difficulty you can also call to Hotmail support phone number 0800 098 8424 and get your account deleted by their assistance. The services of Hotmail support are totally free and available for you 24/7 whole year.

24 Oct

How to Change Password in Hotmail

Hotmail is a very popular email service provider in the market. Hotmail features and collaboration with Microsoft makes it top rated around the world. The features of Hotmail make very easy way to communicate with your friends as well office colleagues. In professional world, Hotmail is playing very crucial role. Already there are a number of people who are using email services, but as time is moving so far users are increasing by day by day. Unlimited storage space, attachment size, feature and many other features make it useful among the users. Hotmail also provide customer support and for that Hotmail has provided Hotmail helpline customer service number for their users.

Hotmail support number

As Hotmail is providing their service online, it is possible that users will get some technical errors and bugs. Hotmail technical team is continuous researching on to solve out this technical error. One of the common issues that faced by user id password. This password issue creates disturbance while using the services. If any user wants to know that how to change Hotmail password, some easy and simple steps are as follows. User can follow these steps:

  • Login into your Hotmail account

  • Go to Account Settings

  • Go to Security & Password

  • You have to verify your account

  • Click on Change Your Password

  • Enter your current password and the new password as you want (please follow some helps which are given to make a password. These tips make your password strong so that no one can hack your account).

  • Confirm your new password by reentering it.

  • Now you are complete with your new password

These are all steps which helps you to change the password. But still some user can’t change their password with this step. Alternatively, some other option is also present to solve this problem. The user can contact Hotmail customer service. Once user calls to support the team through Hotmail support contact number 0800 098 8424, they will explain you some steps to change the password. This online support assists you perfectly. Other than this email assistance as well chat assistance is also provided for users. If still users don’t understand then user can request for remote access. In this remote access, support team accesses your computer and change your password themselves. This all process will do in front of you, so at this time user can follow and see all the process which will be helpful in the future


20 Oct

Accessing your Hotmail in Microsoft Account

Hotmail is web mail service provider like Microsoft outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. From start of the Hotmail service to till now, Hotmail makes so many changes so that user can work easily without any complexity. Microsoft and Hotmail, both are email service provider so that users can send email through the internet. These are not only emailed provider, but also they have various extra features like instant messaging, unlimited storage, etc. which made better service provider than others. Hotmail support number is also available for the users for their assistance.

Hotmail contact numberOne of the important features of Hotmail is Hotmail support for POP3 as well SMTP server access which is a very relevant feature for users without this user can not able to download mails for offline viewing. However, this is due to the support of Microsoft to Hotmail.

With the act of joining together of Hotmail and Microsoft, users get features like offline viewing as well user not have to open browser for checking mails. Some setup has to make for accessing mails without contacting the technical support team. For accessing the Hotmail service in Microsoft user have to follow some guidelines. Internet connection is compulsory needed for this work. Following instructions are helping you for accessing:

  • Open Microsoft outlook.

  • Click on file tab.

  • After opening account information section, you find add account button, the user has to click on it.

  • A user will find a new window, user name, Hotmail address, and password all this information put in the proper boxes, and then click on next button.

  • Now the user sees the installation of outlook Hotmail connector. Install this tool and click on the run button.

  • Make a tip for agreement of software license terms and continue the installation process.

  • After installation completion closes the window and restarts the outlook.
  • Once account gets added, click on finish button. The process is ended with finish button. If user wants to add several accounts, then click on add account. User can add so many accounts in this setup.

This is all about for accessing Hotmail in Microsoft. Please be careful while doing this setup. But still you have problem regarding this or if you make mistake while setup of this process, the user can contact with Hotmail technical support by dialing to the Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424. They are available for you anytime and will resolve all your issues.


15 Oct

Top 5 tips to protect your Hotmail Account from Hackers

Hotmail is stillHotmail contact number the main email service in term of users. Gmail, Yahoo has acquainted numerous security functions to secure the email accounts of the general population. Microsoft is likewise doing incredible with Hotmail security however the features have to a great extent been untied and quietly coordinated with Hotmail. Here, we will discuss the security options that Hotmail and also Hotmail support contact number UK provide security Hotmail accounts.

  1. Use Stronger Password for Your Account.

This is an initial step that ought to be taken by which is must and obligatory step that one must take. You should utilize a more grounded and stronger password to secure from brute force strategies and figure your account password. Here is a case on what makes password more strong and secure.

  • Use extraordinary characters in your password like #, @, %, Etc and numbers.
  • Contain both capital and little letters in your password.
  • Set your password to least or more than 8-10 characters.
  • Do not utilize your phone number, birth date, most loved movie, dish, Etc

  1. Change Your Hotmail Password every 3 months.

Changing your password like every 3 months is prescribed for certain safety and security reasons. This will keep your qualification data more secured. Hotmail will remind you every 3 months to change Hotmail password, unless you empower them. To enable it take after these easy steps:

  • Sign-in to your Hotmail email account.
  • Go to the account settings option.
  • Below account data tap “change” on password button.
  • Verify the box to compose your password expire every 3 months.

  1. Try not to Use Same Password for Your Every Account.

To effortlessly recollect and remember password this has turned into a typical propensity for clients who set similar password for each account they use and in this manner expanding the possibility for hackers to hack or block your record. To execute this habit set different passwords for various accounts. Record it on your journal and guard it

  1. Using Hotmail on Public or Shared Computer.

While getting to Hotmail on an open PC utilize single code to log in ensuring that you don’t have to enter your password. Empowered HTTPS association makes Hotmail account as of now secured to access from open or shared PC; to be on more secure side dependably use single code to log in on the grounds that your email is your business. To utilize single code you have to enter select the nation you live and your phone number and Single code will be sent to your cell phone with a text message. Use this code to login to your Hotmail account from open PCs.

  1. Subscribed With Software Warranty/Guarantee

At this point you have played it safe anyway regardless you have an uncertainty, call Hotmail helpline number 0800-098-8424 for technical support. Initially Computer Scan is completely having no cost. Furthermore, in the event that you are subscribed with the Software Warranty with them, you can get 12 checks or scans in a year for nothing.

If you want then you can get more security tips through our qualified technical executives by calling toll free Hotmail customer service number 0800 098 8424.


10 Oct

Email formatting with Hotmail

Hotmail supports “HTML”, or email formatting that includes more than out and plain text: Hotmail gives you a chance to make text strong or bold, underlined; adjusted (legitimized) left, focus, or right, even indented. Hotmail gives you a chance to insert numbered and UN-numbered bulleted records, “hyperlinks”. Also, obviously, Hotmail lets you change your email’s text shading, text style and text size. This blog will cover the formatting options accessible to the email editor, which you use to create messages, answer to messages, or forward messages. And for easy use of Hotmail formatting options dial Hotmail customer service number.

  1.   Organizing your messages with the Hotmail toolbar

The Cut, Copy, and Paste charges fill in not surprising, as in some other text tool: choose the text and after that copy or cut; tap with your cursor where you need the squint addition point in your email body to paste content.

Moreover, to change the content size, the textual style family (“text style name”), or make text bold, or underlined, essentially select choose the content whose arranging you need to change, and tap the relating formatting link in Hotmail’s email editor toolbar.

  1.   Bulleted records and list things in Hotmail

Hotmail likewise gives you a chance to embed numbered records and un-numbered records: just place your cursor at the position where you need to embed the bulleted or numbered rundown, and hit its comparing button on the email manager’s toolbar. At whatever point you click Enter, another rundown thing is made.

  1.   Link to site pages from your email messages

Inserting links to site pages in Hotmail couldn’t be all the more simple. In the first place, elective step: highlight the parcel of content you might want to be a clickable hyperlink, and then tap Insert hyperlink on the toolbar. At that point, enter the address of the objective page and click OK button.

  1.   Insert level or horizontal line separators in your email messages

To separate significant themes in one of your messages, you can utilize horizontal line separator: put your cursor toward the end of the passage after which you need a line, and tap on the Insert a line option on the organizing toolbar. A strong flat line now isolates the body of your email into two plainly discernable areas. Hotmail gives you a chance to embed the same number of separators as you need in your message – extremely helpful to separate points in an email pamphlet.

Get in touch with our third party support service providers at Hotmail contact number UK and get reliable help and support for any Hotmail query.