23 Jul

How to Access Your Hacked or Suspended Hotmail-account

Hotmail is one of the revolutionary free web mail services offered by Microsoft. Millions of the users are using Hotmail email services for better communication and online experience. As it occupies the strongest security features in comparison to others email providers, it is consider as one of the potential web enabled services among all. Its services are way more advanced and user friendly as compared to other mailing services.

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It has a diverse range of the email services.  Hotmail is one of the top most as it provides all basic and standard email features plus the best privacy and security to its users. However, with all the security measures there is always a chance of losing access to your account as we could not stop the bad intention of the intruders and hackers. They can get your password by guessing or with their various tools and techniques. That is why it is highly recommended that you should create a strong password and always add recovery account or phone number. So in cases when you lost access to your account you can recover it back.

In spite of high security measure that Hotmail takes for its users sometimes it may happen that your account is suspended or hacked. This is a case when someone else has managed to acquire your account to use its information etc. in these cases you are no longer owner of your account. In such cases you can recover your hacked Hotmail account.

Hackers can steal the private data, Spam your Contacts, spam your mails etc. If your account is actually hacked, you can do the following:

  • Try to recover the account from recovery email or phone number.
  • Change the password as and when you come to know about hacking.
  • If you can’t access above two go for the option can’t access my account from login panel.
  • If above won’t work, you can use Windows Live ID Account Recovery Help Page: where you can “prove” that you are the rightful account owner, and having done so may regain access to the account.



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If you ever face such type of Hotmail account issues and the above solution won’t work then our team is always available to give the support for this. If you want to get the instant help then you can dial Hotmail support number UK 0800 098 8424 and we will provide you all the Hotmail help email.



20 Jul

Hotmail Customer service – One stop for all the Hotmail email problems

Hotmail is one of the secured mediums for the exchange of data through emails and now Hotmail is offering forth numerous new features, for example, capacity to view, expanded file connection size, real time document collaboration, etc. HTTPS is currently coming in Hotmail for the whole session which is making it a more secured email service provider. Edit and Reply is one of the new elements in Hotmail in which the user can roll out improvements in the document without downloading the file and send it back from there itself.

Hotmail additionally face few account or system particular issues which are should have been tended to. In this article you can discover those issues alongside the answer for those issues. Without a doubt Hotmail customer service gives you the best answer for the Hotmail email issue however we will also to address and investigate some of those issues.



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Hotmail Password recovery

      1. Open the Hotmail sign-in page and tap on the “Can’t access your account” link.

      2.  Next select “I forgot my password” and click “Next”.

      3. In the “Microsoft Account” field enter the Hotmail address, fill the captcha and snap “Next”.

      4. Now it’s the turn to choose the confirmation strategy. Select the email option, text option or select ‘I don’t have any of these’.

      5. If you have chosen the email or instant message alternative you will get a verification code. What’s more, in the event that you have chosen ‘I don’t have any of these’ option, you are requested that round out a poll to keep the unapproved customers from getting to the private emails.

     6. Now once you select the confirmation technique, recover the code to get to the password reset page.

     7.  Once you are into the password reset page, enter another password and recover the Hotmail password.

     8. Dial Hotmail support contact number in the event that you are facing any issue in recovering the Hotmail password.


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A portion of the other Hotmail email account issues that you may experience are:

  • Unable to send or receive emails.
  • Problem in downloading or transferring the connections.
  • Not getting the emails from a specific location.
  • Emails are arriving in Junk email box.
  • How to utilize Gmail signature for the mails.
  • Gmail website page seeming clear or not showed properly.



Dial the Hotmail Helpline number 0800 098 8424 to discover all the related answer for the Hotmail account issues. Support expert will examine and analyze the issues remotely and will give you instant solutions at a practical way. Specifically utilize the helpline number to have a coordinated discussion for the issues or questions. Also compose an email to the support group with the issues and expect a brief answer from the team.


16 Jul

Recover Major Errors of Hotmail account

Intrusion, issues, dissatisfaction, is you are also managing these circumstances in your Hotmail email? So the solution is only accessible at your door step. This is the known actuality, that Hotmail gathers biggest group of users all around. In this way, facing issues in fact are entirely normal into such a famous web search engine. Two levels of clients essentially manage this issue, one is the beginners, who don’t have thought in regards to the issue and can’t resolve it. Also, second, the person who comprehends and identifies the issue, however unfortunately neglects to determine it. So they can now get a sigh of help with our Hotmail tech support and direction. We are a Third Party Hotmail customer service support provider, who works with a group to give the smoothest and quickest running support on Hotmail and additionally likewise manage every one of the issues associated with your email. The Issues and errors are normally experienced as –


Hotmail technical support

  • Not accepting email on correct time.
  • Can’t able to create Hotmail email id
  • Facing errors in the verification process
  • Sending and receiving mails errors occurring again and again
  • While recuperation you end up overlooking security questions


And in addition such a variety of issues are there which more often than not appear while you work hotmail. However, utilizing the offered customer service support hotmail uk Toll Free contact number, you can get simplest and speediest solution. The number really differs from one country to the next, so with the customer care tech support you will have the capacity to discover required number also.

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Hotmail Contact Service Phone Number 0800 098 8424


Our team of certified experts has complete information with respect to issues that you are confronting. We basically work as a Third Party Hotmail email helpline Support UK Provider and we provide the best solution for resolve any kind of Hotmail errors instantly.


12 Jul

Outlook Queries and its Interesting answers

Recently outlook many more recent updates. This updates and answer to its queries are as below.


   Q. Can Outlook connect to any accounts?

  • Outlook can connect any sync with many email accounts including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo mail and also with Hotmail Live and MSN.
  • Outlook can also sync the contacts, mail, calendar and files from Office 365, Exchange Online, Exchange Server (2007 SP2, 2010, 2013).
  • Outlook connects to Google Drive, OneDrive, Drop box, iCloud, and Box for cloud storage.


   Q.Why there is an app called “Outlook Preview” on Android?

    A.The Outlook has both the version iOS and Android out of which iOS version is ahead of Android version in   features and performance both. Once the android version will get the sufficient work level the Preview Label will be removed.


   Q.What versions of Android and iOS are supported today?

   A. Outlook run on Android version 4.0 and above and iOS 8.0+ and above.


   Q. In how many languages and markets does the Outlook available in?

   A. The user interface of Outlook is available in 30 languages: English, Finnish, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian,  Czech, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Portuguese Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Traditional, Turkish, Ukrainian and Romanian.

Users can download and use the services of Outlook from all market supported by Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

   Q.Is the new Outlook app is working with Outlook.com?

   A. Users of Outlook.com are getting encouraged to use the new Outlook app instead of Outlook.com because this app is easily available for all users on their mobile devices and can be freely downloaded.

For more queries and other outlook problem call the Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424. This Hotmail customer support number UK is to provide instant help to Hotmail users in times of problems.


08 Jul

Tips about Hotmail security

Hotmail is indeed one of the trusted mail service used by millions of users worldwide. It is very user friendly and thus it is so popular among its users. For its user it keeps on updating its features and services. So that enhanced and easier approach of mail service can be provided.

Recently Microsoft shifted all its Hotmail services from Hotmail to outlook this was done to provide more enhanced and updated services to its users. With this changed it enhanced all its application and features and hotmail mailing services. Not only this it also took extra care for security of its users and enhanced its privacy policies.

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Hotmail was always concerned about the security of its users and thus it now provides https mail platform for extra security of its users. Hotmail security is interesting for anyone in the world. This occupation has been a need for Hotmail due to the consistent utilization of social networks. Cyber crime has been increased and also the number of victims. You can be one of the last categories so you must protect your Hotmail account.

Some Hotmail tips to keep safe your Hotmail account:

1. Only login to a secured platform and when you login in public networks always remember to log out your mail account.

 2. Keep password secured with you. Keep a password that is easy to remember but hard to crack.

 3. Don´t click on the box remind me my account even if you are enter to your Hotmail account from your PC. This is a good advice especially if your PC is hacked or stolen.

4. Always add an alternative mail account or mobile number to your account so that account can be recovered at times of being hacked.

5. Update your information. Modify your secret question. Look out if your alternative mail is correct. This is a good method to recover your password when you begin session.

 6. Another important point is that your secret question must be something about you only can answer.

7. Always keep clean your Mail account. Delete cookies, cache and stored passwords.

8. Never give personal data by internet like your address home. If a mail is received asking this kind of things, never give an answer, it might be harmful.



Though Hotmail is advanced and user friendly mail service still in case you are in Hotmail mail problem you can dial the Hotmail customer service number  0800 098 8424 immediately for instant help.


05 Jul

Hotmail Support – Back up Your Hotmail email via Window Mail

Hotmail is majorly used email service in all over the world. Thousands of people use it for various reasons, but formerly in a while get wedged or stuck with errors like to lose your email from himself or another person. It’s mystical to imagine over without e-mail as its fixed directed toward our important work and individual lives. So if you host a partiality for to gather your suited emails from losing problematic files and documents once you can comparatively make a savings account for Hotmail email through the entire of the threw in one lot with of these applications like as Windows mail, Outlook Express, MS Outlook ms. These applications and claims are literally enviable in order to protect or recover Hotmail emails from the server and modify them to your PC. If you are using Windows 7 once you can handle it to back up your Hotmail account forthwith into the EML format. In a savings Hotmail email from Window Mail previously you need to imitate these some minor steps which are given below:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to the Window mail page after that log into your Hotmail account by entering the email devote and password.
  2. Access the nifty created account in Windows mail and wait for the application to download and reorganize your emails.
  3. Tap on export mail and after that tap or click on email messages option.
  4. Select the Microsoft windows live mail alternative and tap on the late button.
  5. Select the motion picture or location where you prefer to put aside or save your file, then tap or click on after button.
  6. Here you will observe a diligent list of items to be sustained and backed up. Now your procedure is complete.


Hotmail customer service number


Hotmail Customer Care Service contact Number

Even in case if you are in other Hotmail problem, you can take help from our third party technical support team, who is available 365 days with brilliant services or you can also Contact Hotmail support number UK 0800 098 8424  . And they are trained individual with absolute knowledge and information and can easily understand your problem and provide the excellent solution for your issues in quick time.



02 Jul

Features of Hotmail

Hotmail is really one of the numerous helps that Microsoft Corporation has offered to the world. It is really a sort of email service, which helps you make a record and appreciate utilizing its advantages without limitations. It was really acquainted with the universe of technology in the year 1996.

With its developing popularity, all perusing sites that are accessible today support Hotmail. In the event that you are utilizing Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or internet explorer, and so forth or even safari, then you can undoubtedly get to Outlook with no troubles.


There is an amplified form of Outlook, which offers you to store around 5GB data. This choice is known as Outlook.com. In the event that you have any troubles with getting to this alternative in your Hotmail account, then you can utilize Hotmail Support Number 0800 098 8424 and hire their services.

Features That Hotmail Offers For the Customers

There are numerous components that Outlook offers for the clients. Some are listed below.

  • Labeling Messages into Categories: – Once you sign into the account, you can create groups and add friends to it. The gatherings may incorporate your School friends, collage friends, work environment associates, and so forth. You can appreciate imparting sends to every gathering and even appreciate talking with every one of your friends. While making a mail, you can name it with the specific gathering name, in order to not get confused, while sending it.

With this choice, you can restrict the chances of sending incorrectly mail to the wrong group.

  • Office Web Application Integration: – This is one of the numerous superb features that are accessible in Hotmail. With this, you can without much of a stretch deal with document editing, be it in the arrangement of excel, PowerPoint or even word document.

Active View: – The active view choice will help you to appreciate an unmistakable perspective of any document, and also to make necessary changes.

  • Quick View and One Click Filter: – With the assistance of brisk perspective quick view option, you can continue selecting different sends and erase them, or document them at once. You can much channel sends as indicated by the classification in which they can be sent.


Hotmail support uk

Hotmail backing will be your one stop destination, on the off chance that you have any issues with respect to any of the aforementioned highlights.

While joining with Hotmail, it is essential that you give your own data, for example, name, age, sex, elective mail id, versatile number, and so on. When you require changing the data, for example, giving recently opened email id, telephone number, and so forth, you can take assistance from sites that offer data about How to change phone number of Hotmail account.

29 Jun

Hotmail Support for Combine all Email Accounts into one Hotmail Account

Today, having more than Hotmail account become an essentiality due to rising needs in professional and individual or personal life. Those who wanted to keep distinct accounts for all the personal and professional purpose have partiality for having such kind of accounts. In spite of, the separate accounts can be worrying of various occasions and Hotmail users wanted to know how to merge all your email accounts into one Hotmail account. This is basically probable if one takes the Hotmail Contact Number and Hotmail customer service expert help. By using the Hotmail support one can get trouble-free solution for combining all email accounts in one Hotmail account.

Add multiple email accounts through Hotmail technical support:

In this situation Hotmail service support team grips the condition very caringly because the Hotmail expert team knows that how much importance of stored so many emails account in one Hotmail email account. The Hotmail service providers make easy you with the following process which are given below:


You will be presented with the Account Settings window that lists all of your existing email accounts. Make sure you are on the Email tab

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  1. Select your Hotmail account and enter your email id and password to log into your account.
  2. After log in to your account check all the emails on your Hotmail account.
  3. Now click on the Gear icon which is available towards the top right corner of the page to open the Hotmail and click settings button.
  4. In the menu of settings select new tab Forwarding and POP/IMAP which is available in the settings list.
  5. Click on the ADD Forwarding address option.
  6. Now add the account that you have selected and you want to choose for receiving mails to your mail inbox account.
  7. A link is sent to your email account, click on the link to confirm the account.
  8. Type the code that you have received to confirmation account code sent at the email account.
  9. After verifying by any of the ways, then you will get a confirmation message on email account.
  10. You will be assisted with the selection for activating the forwarding of the emails to the account that is selected by you with some options.


These steps will help you to combine multiple or many accounts in one Hotmail account. To get more help and support related to Hotmail account queries just dial Hotmail Support Number 0800 098 8424 or call email technical support service phone number UK at any time and get rid of the problems instantly.


25 Jun

Get instant Hotmail customer support

Now in days Hotmail user faces many problems while using the Hotmail Email services. And it is very common to face trouble not only with the Hotmail mail service rather with any email account services like Yahoo mail account, Gmail mail account, AOL mail account etc.

Sometimes it happens that somebody is causation you associate email however you don`t receive the sending email on your mail account. Therefore these kinds of hassle and situation are terribly frustrating for the user. And the person who is sending that email you on your mail account will not get to know that you have not received the sending email on your email account.

This is one of the most horrible situation to you don’t know that the sender has sent an email you on your email account and the receiver who receive that mail have don’t know that you have received or not received the email and neither of you will recognize that there is a some trouble with your email account. It is more often than not because of SPAM somebody has spammed your mail account.

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If you want to fix this problem and want to remove this trouble so you can do these kinds of things which is provided by Hotmail Service Support technician experts:

  1. Check all the Junk Mail in your mail account.
  2. In the given RULES options, remove all the filters.
  3. Includes or add the senders email to your email contact list.
  4. Ask over the sender who sends you email that the mail his or her is sending does not like a message of spam, since if it will appear a spam the server will block or chunk the email.


You can take direct help via our Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424 if you have any of these kinds of Hotmail related problems.  We offer Hotmail Help UK for Hotmail password support. For solving your email account convenience or accessibility issue, lost or forget password problem, Can’t create a strong password for your email account, unable to write email, unable to send email and many other Hotmail related problems you can take help by Hotmail email password support or Hotmail help UK support number.



21 Jun

Get Recent Update by Microsoft Outlook

In the most recent update took off to its Outlook mail application on Google Play, Microsoft has now included backing for Android Wear gadgets, which would permit smart watches running on Google’s wearable stage to check and answer to messages right from their wrists, without using their telephones or tablets.

Google play is an interesting app provided by Outlook that can be used by its users any time by following certain simple steps. The best part is that this service is supported on mobile platform and applications. With this clients will have the capacity to answer to messages with pre set messages and formats, the new redesign will likewise make it conceivable to manage answers verbally, as per the change log posted on Google Play by Microsoft.

While Android as a mobile operating platform keeps on ruling the worldwide cell phone market by a monstrous edge, its smart watch partner named Android Wear, has been battling not withstanding firm rivalry from Apple’s Watch OS, which right now holds more than 61% of the worldwide smart watch market.

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Microsoft presenting Android Wear incorporation with its Outlook application is having a huge significant on various numbers, not the slightest of which is that it makes an impression on engineers that the stage is to be considered important going ahead. While the smart watch part all in all is still in its early stages, more accessible applications, particularly from the greatest designers on the planet, may well go far in helping the area turn out to be more standard later on.

In any case, as said as of now, it is form 2.1.0 of the application that conveys the new component to Outlook’s Android customer and it is right now accessible for download on the Google Play Store. After downloading of this from the play store you can enhance your use on mobile applications.

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Stay connected to www.emailcontactnumber.co.uk for recent updates on Hotmail. To acquire best help to all Hotmail problems call the Hotmail contact number 0800 098 8424. This Hotmail contact number provides instant solutions to all types of Hotmail problems.