03 Mar

How to select all feature of outlook account

Hotmail makes all possible attempt to bring in the latest features for its users which can enable them to enjoy maximum ease while mail exchange online. Hotmail is a common medium of mail exchange used widely by various users. Hotmail is also a secured mail platform that offers best security for mails exchange. When people use hotmail for years they never wish to switch to any other platform for their varied mailing needs. Hotmail is user’s platform that provides user oriented services but in case users face any issues using their hotmail platform they may obtain easy help from Hotmail Customer Support Help Number UK, Hotmail helpline.

Hotmail is quite an amazing platform that is used widely for mail exchange. In such cases when so many mails are exchanged via a hotmail platform it becomes quite essential to manage mails received daily on hotmail platform. There exist various useful organizing trips of select all that is provided by outlook to manage those mails in an easy possible way.

When you have select all feature everything becomes quite easy on outlook. With select all you can either choose to delete all the mails or move them folders. It is also possible to send them all to archive folders.

  • Delete all mails – Outlook let you select all the mails at once that are appearing in the lists. This can be done by select all feature of outlook. While you think some sender is sending you unwanted mails and you wish to delete them all at once you can open all those messaged with sender option in search bar and then choose select all and delete this will automatically delete all the mails received form a single sender.

  • Move all mails – It is also possible to move multiple mails from inbox to another destination in outlook may be any folder. In such cases select all those mails and choose the option of move all. It is also possible to select all the appearing mail messages altogether by select all and then choose move all to move them.


These are just some of the easy mail organizing tips available on outlook. It is advisable that you use them to enjoy best possible experience here. There exist more which are all easy to use and helpful but in case user finds it difficult to manage and apply any of these organizing tricks of outlook you may obtain easy help from 0800-098-8424 Hotmail tech help line number UK .

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