22 Jan

Send Mail Later in Outlook Via These Easy Methods

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Timing is everything, and once in a while an email is preferred sent later over immediately. Maybe your message is around an event that is happening later on, or possibly an associate needs information that bodes well simply after a specific time has passed—however you’re working now and would prefer not to lose the idea or you won’t be accessible later to compose the mail. Whatever the circumstance, Outlook 2016 has you secured.

  • How to Schedule an Email Message to Send Later in Outlook

Outlook 2016 enables you to specify precisely when you’d like your email to be sent. Here’s the method:

  1.   After you compose your email, just tap on the Options.
  2.   Then pick Delay Delivery under more alternatives tab.
  3.   And check the Do Not Deliver Before box under delivery alternatives.
  4.   Now, pick when you’d like the email message to be sent.

This puts your email in the Outbox until the point when the time you’ve indicated arrives, and afterward it is sent.

  • In Case If You Change Your Mind

On the off chance that you choose to send your email before the time you’ve planned it, Outlook or Hotmail makes it simple to switch gears. Basically repeat the process above, yet clear the Do Not Deliver Before check section and then close your email message and send it.

  • Schedule a Message to Send Later in Your Office 365 Outlook Account

In the event that you are utilizing Outlook 365, you should have the Business Premium or Enterprise membership for this function to work. If you do, the procedure is:

  1. Type your mail and enter the name of no less than one recipient in the To: section.
  2. Then tap on the email tab and afterward pick the Send symbol at the highest point of the mail.
  3. After that, choose Send Later option.
  4. And type a time and date for the mail to be sent.
  5. Then select Send button. The email message sits in the Drafts organizer until the point when the time you entered arrives. It is then sent regardless of whether you have Outlook open on your PC.

  • How to Cancel an Office 365 Outlook Mail

Whenever before an email message is sent, you can wipe out it by opening the email in the Drafts folder and choosing Cancel Send button.

Pick ‘Yes’ option to affirm the delay cancellation. The mail stays open so you can send it quickly or postpone it to some other time.

Hope, all above methods are quite helpful for you and if you tackle any kind of issue, then contact Hotmail Phone Number UK 0800-098-8424 and get reliable solutions at once.

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