14 May

SMTP Email Protocol in Hotmail account

Hotmail known to exist since long since then it has been providing quite interesting mail services to its users. Hotmail is a common medium of mail exchange since ages and with its interesting and useful services it has managed to capture a huge market. It has more than millions of users using its platform worldwide. Hotmail is surely a platform that ensures easy and enhanced mail transfer online. It is customer oriented and thus it is useful but still if in any case users face any problem they may obtain easy help from Hotmail support number.

The main purpose of any mail platform including Hotmail is mail exchange. For sending and receiving mails on Hotmail some rules are applied. These rules are known as Email protocols in internet world. The protocols are set of rules with which email users transmit mail messages and information from one end to another.

One among such protocol is SMTP protocol. SMTP is a simple mail transmits protocol. It is a standard protocol the rules of which can be applied for sending emails in Hotmail. It was introduced in 1982 to enable easy mail sending over internet. SMTP is effective protocol that ensures the efficiency and reliability of each mail sent on Hotmail over internet.

Features of SMTP protocol:


  • SMTP is actually an application level protocol.
  • SMTP is a connection oriented protocol.
  • SMTP helps in text based protocol.
  • SMTP is simple mail transmit protocol.
  • SMTP is a standard sending mail protocol.

Functions of SMTP


  • SMTP handles exchange of messages between e-mail servers.
  • SMTP also notifies users about the incoming mails.
  • SMTP helps contact the received mail on the recipient server to get entry to your inbox.
  • These SMTP commands specify the sender’s and receiver’s e-mail address.
  • It ensures that exchanges of commands that are happening across the two servers are executed without any intervention.
  • SMTP is also a reliable protocol for sending a error report to use in case when message cannot be delivered,

Know you know everything about SMTP. You have been sending mails from Hotmail from a while from now but you never knew how this is done. SMTP is helpful and knowing about such protocols can help you enjoy better mail experience over Hotmail. There are many more protocols that are used and applied on Hotmail and if you need to learn about them stay in touch with Hotmail contact number 0800-098-8424.

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