08 Jul

Tips about Hotmail security

Hotmail is indeed one of the trusted mail service used by millions of users worldwide. It is very user friendly and thus it is so popular among its users. For its user it keeps on updating its features and services. So that enhanced and easier approach of mail service can be provided.

Recently Microsoft shifted all its Hotmail services from Hotmail to outlook this was done to provide more enhanced and updated services to its users. With this changed it enhanced all its application and features and hotmail mailing services. Not only this it also took extra care for security of its users and enhanced its privacy policies.

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Hotmail was always concerned about the security of its users and thus it now provides https mail platform for extra security of its users. Hotmail security is interesting for anyone in the world. This occupation has been a need for Hotmail due to the consistent utilization of social networks. Cyber crime has been increased and also the number of victims. You can be one of the last categories so you must protect your Hotmail account.

Some Hotmail tips to keep safe your Hotmail account:

1. Only login to a secured platform and when you login in public networks always remember to log out your mail account.

 2. Keep password secured with you. Keep a password that is easy to remember but hard to crack.

 3. Don´t click on the box remind me my account even if you are enter to your Hotmail account from your PC. This is a good advice especially if your PC is hacked or stolen.

4. Always add an alternative mail account or mobile number to your account so that account can be recovered at times of being hacked.

5. Update your information. Modify your secret question. Look out if your alternative mail is correct. This is a good method to recover your password when you begin session.

 6. Another important point is that your secret question must be something about you only can answer.

7. Always keep clean your Mail account. Delete cookies, cache and stored passwords.

8. Never give personal data by internet like your address home. If a mail is received asking this kind of things, never give an answer, it might be harmful.



Though Hotmail is advanced and user friendly mail service still in case you are in Hotmail mail problem you can dial the Hotmail customer service number  0800 098 8424 immediately for instant help.


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