06 Feb

Unable to see a mail sent by my friend

Hotmail helpline numberHotmail is interesting mail service that let you send and receive mail messages online. Even though receiving of mails is very easy but sometimes due to several reasons you are unable to receive a mail. This can be irritating if you are eagerly waiting for that important mail send by your friend in such cases you need to identify the reason why you have not received that particular mail. Once you identify the reason you can solve and can receive that mail soon. If nothing helps you can get direct help from Hotmail support helpline number UK.

There can be several reasons why you are facing problem in receiving mails it is advisable to take following necessary measure to get your mail.

1) Try checking the junk folder – Sometimes when you do not receive the mail in your inbox folder it might have entered into the Junk folders this is because of content it contains or because the sender of the mail is someone whose address you have added to junk setting before. In such cases simply go to junk folder and check for the mail. If this is mail is important and you don’t want it to be visible in junk folder. Simply go to the junk folder select the mail right click the mail and if it is marked as junk then choose it as not junk this will automatically send that particular mail to inbox. So as to change the settings of the junk mail folder you need to do the following:

• Go to junk mail in Hotmail
• Under Junk email, choose Filters and reporting
• Under Choose a junk email filter, choose the level of protection you want and then choose Save

2) Check if your inbox is full – So as to provide sufficient storage space sometimes outlooks set a limit of keeping mails in inbox if the limit exceeds it does not allows any further mail to be received into your inbox. In such cases sender is unable to send the mail and you often receive message of inbox is full, just clean some of the unwanted mails and then you will be able to receive new emails in your outlook mail.

3) Check blocked sender list – Sometimes due to several reason you feel some senders are suspicious and you simply block them so that they do not send any of the mail in future so as to receive mail from the same user you need to UN block that user. For this

• Go to junk mail in Hotmail
• Under Junk email, choose Blocked senders.
• If you see the sender’s address listed under Blocked senders, select their address
• Then choose Remove
• Click Save

4) Check the email rules – So as to keep your mail tidy outlook chose options like deleting, moving, categorizing, or flagging messages based on the sender, subject, or other criteria this can be a reason that is stopping you from receiving a mail message from a sender. In such cases you can follow this steps to change the default setting of your inbox folder:

• Under Mail, choose Inbox and sweep rules.
• Select the email rule you want change and then delete it
• One can also edit or change this rule as per need.
• After this choose save

After following this easy steps you will be able to receive your important mail send by a sender but in case if nothing helps and you need help to the same you can try taking easy help from Contact Hotmail phone number 0800 098 8424.

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