25 Mar

View conversation messages with hotmail customer service number

Outlook collects multiple mails in its inbox each day. Outlook also let you store plenty of messages within its conversation. This includes messages of past few days. In this track messages from folders, inbox and various other places are included.

Hotmail customer service number

Even though when you get into your outlook account you see plenty of things which seem to be messed but it is actually managed wisely by outlook. All that appears scattered is not actually messed. Plenty of mails and messages are received by outlook each day which makes it difficult for a user to search a desired one. For this outlook provide easy help. If you need help to any of the outlook problem make a direct call to Hotmail Customer service number.

Outlook provides a special feature which let user search for the mail or the message. Instead of searching each message for the conversation it is advisable to use outlook application for easy search facilities. When you want to hunt multiple folders of inbox for a conversation like Inbox, archive, Sent Mail etc you can have outlook organize it so that you can read all messages in a well arranged manner.

To see mail arranged by conversation in Outlook you need to take these simple steps:

  1. Go to your inbox
  2. Here click on  the View tab that is available in the main Outlook window’s ribbon.
  3. Here you need to check Show as Conversations This you can get in the Messages area.
  4. If you wish to enable conversation view for the current folder then click on the Show messages arranged by conversation the desired folder
  5. And then click OK

It is possible to apply conversation view for all Outlook folders if you wish to do so you need to click all mailboxes in the desired folder. With this you can include conversation from all the folder including the sent mail, inbox, archive, spam etc. For this you need to make sure that the View ribbon is selected and expanded in Outlook. To do so

  1. Click Conversation Settings in the Messages
  2. Here check the option of Show Messages from Other Folders

With this it is possible to get conversation of all the folder altogether. There are various other settings that can be done with outlook conversation setting option. It is easy to do so if you need help to the same make a call to Hotmail customer service number 0800 098 8424.


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